For Immediate Release – May 18, 2017

Groups send open letter for party leaders calling for immediate pause on Site C

VANCOUVER – In an open letter sent today to all recently elected MLAs and their party leaders, several non-government organizations and citizen groups are urging them to pause construction on the Site C dam and have the project thoroughly assessed by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).

The popular vote numbers show over half the voters in the province supported either the BC NDP, who stated they would bring the project to the BCUC for review or the BC Greens, who stated that they’d stop the project immediately.

“The homes of multi-generational farm families are hanging in the balance as we speak,” said Joe Foy, National Campaign Director for the Wilderness Committee. “The first two homes are at risk of being destroyed if action is not taken soon.  It’s not a stretch to say that given the uncertainty of the election outcome at this time, it is simply unjust to proceed with this level of irreversible damage.”

“We don’t need to spend anywhere near $9 billion on energy infrastructure right now, even BC Hydro stated we may not need the amount of power that Site C would provide for up to 40 years from now.  It makes more sense to take that public money and build much needed public infrastructure throughout the province:  like hospitals, schools, water treatment plants, affordable housing and daycares.  Projects that all British Columbians need now,” states Andrea Morrison, Executive Director for the Peace Valley Environment Association.

Not only are the farm families bracing themselves for imminent destruction of their homes, but First Nations are also deeply concerned about the road realignment work planned in the coming weeks, which will destroy a grave site and significant archaeological sites. The West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations along with the Peace Valley Landowner Association have requested the results of the Multiple Accounts Analysis that justifies why this particular highway route was chosen over other options, but BC Hydro has not released the document.

“Now is the perfect time for the elected representatives of all parties in BC to show that they are listening to the electorate by addressing Site C before any more irreversible harm is caused by the project,” says Galen Armstrong, Peace Valley  Campaigner for  Sierra Club BC.  “When people’s homes and ancestors’ grave sites hang in the balance, the time for action by the parties is now.  Our elected representatives have a huge responsibility and this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that they will honour the faith that the people of BC have put in them.”


For more information, please contact:

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director, Wilderness Committee

Galen Armstrong | Peace Valley Campaigner, Sierra Club BC

Additional Media Resources
 Open Letter to Hon. Christy Clark, John Horgan & Andrew Weaver

ariel boons fr west
Ken and Arlene Boon’s farm in Peace Valley in Bear Flat.  Highway realignment for Site C dam is designed to come straight through their 3rd generation family home – cream building with red roof.  (Note the 541 yellow solidarity stakes all banded along the ridge.)

Dear Friends of the Peace,

The people of British Columbia have spoken!  Some 57% of the electorate indicated through their votes that they support either outright stoppage of Site C, or at the very least a comprehensive review of the project by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).


Now is the time to reinforce your position!  As the parties wait for the final outcome and ponder alliances, this is the perfect opportunity for you to remind them that Site C is a priority issue.

People’s homes and First Nations’ gravesites are hanging in the balance at this very moment!  Generational farm family homes like the Boon’s and the Meek’s are slated for destruction and they must be out of their homes in less than 2 weeks!  First Nations grave, cultural and archaeological sites will also be destroyed by the slated road realignment. Given the uncertainty of the outcome of this election, it is inhumane to proceed with this level of irreversible material, psychological and cultural destruction at this time.

Perhaps when you look at the picture above you wonder why the road couldn’t have been moved a few feet to spare this historic family home?  BC Hydro conducted a Multiple Accounts Evaluation to justify why the road had to run directly through Boon’s home and through First Nations’ gravesites, but to date, the findings have not been released.

Visit our letter writing platform at SiteC.RealHearings.Org now to send your letter directly to the leaders of the Liberal, NDP and Green parties of BC.

Please be sure to include in your letter, a request that all irreversible harms association with on-going construction of Site C be curtailed until such time as the election results are known and party positions are stabilized.

You can also remind the party leaders that the BCUC was created in the early 1980’s specifically to assess massive projects like Site C to ensure that they are indeed in the public’s interest and not politically driven projects.

Remind the party leaders that now is the perfect time to show British Columbians that they are listening and that they truly represent us.  They must act responsibly given the authority and trust that they retain even during this time of uncertainty.  Encourage them to ensure that they take advantage of any opportunities at this time and in the near future, to make decisions and take actions which reflect the wishes of the majority of BC citizens.

BC’s party leaders must be held accountable for their actions as well as any inaction they take at this time when people’s homes and ancestral grave sites are at risk.  They must honor the faith that British Columbians have placed in them.

Please send your letter now through our easy-to-use letter writing website, SiteC.RealHearings.Org.

Thank you for your continued support.


For the Peace,

Andrea Morison
Peace Valley Env. Assc.

phone volunteers

Dear Friend of the Peace,

I know you care deeply about the fate of the Peace Valley and the people who live there.

Now is the time to show it! 

Site C is officially a major election issue, and the outcome of this election will impact our ability to protect the Peace.

Luckily, our team has been working hard for the last several months to sign up voters. Now, we’re trying to phone them all and get them out to vote! We have a real chance to make a difference with this, but…


We have hundreds of people to call and just one week to do it!

You can phone from home on your own time or join us in Vancouver, Victoria or Salt Spring Island.

Here our full schedule: 

Tuesday, May 2

Sierra Club BC (2994 Douglas St. Victoria)

9am – 1pm & 4pm-7pm

4pm – 7pm

Wednesday, May 3

Salt Spring Island (location TBA)



Wednesday, May 3

Vancouver Wilderness Committee Offices 46 E 6th Ave, Vancouver,



Thursday, May 4

Salt Spring Island (location TBA)



Friday, May 5

Vancouver Wilderness Committee Offices 46 E 6th Ave, Vancouver,



Friday, May 5

Sierra Club BC (2994 Douglas St. Victoria)

9am-1pm & 4-7 pm


Saturday, May 6

Sierra Club BC (2994 Douglas St. Victoria)

9am-1pm & 4-7 pm


Monday, May 8

Sierra Club BC (2994 Douglas St. Victoria)

9am – 1pm


Monday, May 8

Vancouver Wilderness Committee Offices 46 E 6th Ave, Vancouver,

9am-8pm & 5-8 pm


Tuesday, May 9

Sierra Club BC (2994 Douglas St. Victoria)

9am-1pm & 3-5 pm


Learn how to use CallHub and sign up for a training here:

In Vancouver, call Ariel for any support needs: 604-351-8324 or
In Victoria, call Galen at 778-679-3191 or


For the Peace,

Andrea Morison                                Galen Armstrong                 Candace Batycki
Peace Valley Env. Assc.                    Sierra Club BC                     Yellowstone to Yukon Cons. Initiative

A new report is calling for the suspension of B.C.’s Site C dam project, saying it’s no longer going to benefit the provincial economy as once expected and that power from the hydroelectric station will likely be exported at losses of up to $1 billion.

The report on water governance released Tuesday looks at which option would be best for B.C. from a business standpoint: cancelling, suspending or finishing the $8.5-billion project.

Ultimately, it recommended the project be put on hold and reviewed by the BC Utilities Commission.

A statement from the UBC researchers said several key changes that have happened since the project’s initial approval mean it isn’t the most cost-efficient option for producing power anymore.

Read full story here.


Here’s a super entertaining and informative video from the independent news agency, DeSmog Canada. They dig deep and bring you the facts and details so you know exactly what’s really happening. Please share far and wide!

Does the Site C Dam make Economic Sense?  Interview with one of the authors of the UBC economic report on Site C, Dr. Karen Bakker here.

Hudson's Hope Museum

Photo:  On the banks of the Peace River at Hudson’s Hope Museum, Andrea Morison

Dear Defenders of the Peace,

Our campaign to make all British Columbians aware of the issues associated with Site C at this critical time is going strong – thanks to so many of you!  Thank you so much for ordering JustTheDamFacts brochures from Ariel, writing letters through our website, asking Site C related questions at events, and so much more!

What else can you help with?

Ask Site C Questions at Election Forums

  • Many of you will be heading to election related debates and forums over the next couple of weeks.
  • To assist you with posing informed questions about how candidates intend to address Site C, we have prepared a helpful list of suggested openers/preambles and questions on the key issues:

Endorse the Site C Economic Report

  • Site C is a very hot topic following the release of ‘Reassessing the Need for Site C(report #5) by UBC’s Program on Water Governance.  Our allies at LeadNow are pulling out the stops to make sure that the provincial government knows Site C is uneconomic and must be sent to the BC Utilities Commission for a full economic review.
  • Send your letter endorsing this action here.

Help Get Out the Vote!

  • Only 56% of BC voters bothered to vote in 2013, so Organizing for Change’s campaign to Get Out the Vote is essential this year.
  • Phone banking starts on Thursday, April 27th and runs through to election day, May 9th.  Phone bank training is happening this week!
  • If you are interested in assisting with this important endeavor, please contact Galen at so he can include you on his list.
  • Additionally, please sign up for a training session now with Organizing for Change’s interactive calendar here.  Be sure to select the date and time that works best for you at the top of the page.
  • You can do as much or as little phoning as you wish.
  • These calls are made to members of our organizations encouraging them to make sure they get out and vote.  They are completely non-partisan and there is no need to get into a discussion about any specific topics.

Join the White Elephant in Kelowna this weekend

  • Sunday April 23rd, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Stuart Park Ice Rink, 1435 Water St. Kelowna
  • Bring signs, placards and banners – ideas for placards and banners can be found here.
  • Invite your friends in Kelowna to join the rally through the Facebook event here.

  Please be sure to follow us on Facebook at Peace Valley Environment Association for news, activities and events associated with our campaign.  There are all kinds of things happening throughout the province every week!

Thank you for your support! 🙂


As we draw closer to the May 9th provincial election, we continue to work with supporters like you to promote action and awareness about Site C throughout the province in hopes that this devastating and unnecessary project will be put to a stop. We believe that if the British Columbia Utilities Commission is given the opportunity to assess the need for, cost of and alternatives to this project, they will determine that it is not in the best interests of British Columbians to continue construction of Site C.

How can you help make this happen?

We urge you to take action starting NOW (there are less than 4 weeks till election day)!

  • Go to our new letter-writing website where all you have to do is write a letter expressing your concerns and by entering your postal code, the site will automatically identify and send your letter to all the BC election candidates in your riding, the Prime Minister as well as the federal environment and justice ministers. Please use the social media buttons on this site to share on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
  • Visit our new, informative website, ca where you will find factual information clearly and succinctly laid out. Please share this site with your friends to help them get informed.
  • Help us draw attention to this looming disaster by joining and sharing posts from the Facebook and Twitter sites (White Elephant Sez) for the Stop Site C White Elephant. Brought to you by our friends at Alliance 4 Democracy, the White Elephant is popping up at events across the province. If you’d like the White Elephant to attend an event in your community, contact George Smith ( or 604-989-5094).
  • Contact Ariel Martz-Oberlander ( or 604-351-8324 ) to request copies of our Justthedamfacts brochures for distribution at events, public gathering places and/or to your friends, family and co-workers. These brochures clearly lay out the common questions and answers about Site C and we need as many people as possible to understand this before election day!
  • For those living in the Peace, mark your calendars for Sunday, April 23rd and join us at Boon’s farm on Bear Flat from 2-4 p.m. Folkactivist Luke Wallace looks forward to having supporters join him as he makes a video of his song, Give a Dam among the hundreds of Yellow Stakes standing in solidarity to defend the Peace! Visit and share the Facebook event here. Hope many of you will make it!

If you’ve ever wished you could do more to help, now is the time!

Even just doing one of the actions above will make a difference. 😊

Thank you!

Thank you!!




On April 1, an enormous White Elephant is coming to Vancouver to remind British Columbians that BC Hydro’s Site C Dam project for northeast BC’s Peace River is a looming economic disaster – and can be stopped.  Come meet the White Elephant and friends on Georgia street just west of Denman Avenue between 9:00 AM and noon on April 1.

White elephants are traditional symbols of useless gifts that cost needless expense and are burdensome to maintain.

Alliance 4 Democracy has done the research.  We strongly believe BC needs a sober second look at the question of Site C Dam.  A4D has studied research that came to light after the Joint Review Panel about the need, costs and alternatives for the dam. We learned that the economics just don’t work for BC!   The risks to our future prosperity are unacceptable:  from a dam that will need to sell power below the cost of production and create a massive Hydro-planned debt burden for at least 70 years.

Why Site C dam? We are deeply concerned that the facts have not been independently reviewed by the public body responsible for that task, the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC). The BC government refused to allow this independent verification process in the public interest to occur.  So we risk making a huge mistake with massive economic, indigenous, social, and environmental costs without having answered one simple question:  Do we really need this dam?  70% of people in BC want this project reviewed before it continues.  70 % of people want the simple question Do we really need Site C Dam? to be answered before the so called “Point of No Return”.

The Big White Elephant is coming to warn people about the costs of Site C Dam to their families and future so they can vote accordingly.  May 9, 2017 is an important election for the people of the Peace River Valley. We in the South owe them, at the very least, the verification that we need Site C dam BEFORE we destroy their priceless valley and their ways of life. It’s a question of human decency.

 Alliance 4 Democracy is a Sunshine Coast community group, formed in 2011, dedicated to the practice of democracy as the means by which our society resolves the important questions of our day.

 Contact:  George Smith:  (604) 989-5094