Talk of Site C is on the audio vault of CKNW radio… on May 17th, starting at 1:30pm… actually 1:32:30 to be specific.

It is Christy Clark interviewing Marc Jaccard (professor at the school of resource and environmental management at SFU) on “BC’s energy needs and how we are going to meet them: A look at the new legislation which is going to change the way that energy is priced, and governed and run in this province.”  Talks of BCUC’s role, Site C, and much more…

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an online place to add comments in response to the show.  Some questionable things were said, which would have been nice to be able to address.

To put it in context… I originally found this broadcast through the following:

Marc Jackass Jaccard crawls out from under his rock!

by Grant G

Monday, May 17, 2010