The listing of news articles have been updated.  Some interesting ones have come out that are worth the read.  The full listing can be found at Post-announcement News.

A notable one is “Drought affects B.C. Electricity Supply” which could use a reply.

  • The dry conditions have left the Williston Lake reservoir on the Peace River at 77 per cent of normal level for this time of year, BC Hydro spokesperson Susan Danard said Wednesday. With its largest reservoir at that level, BC Hydro has applied to the B.C. Utilities Commission to use $220 million from a deferral account to cover increased power exports expected during the fiscal year that ends next March.

A point that seems to be missed is that it is illogical to put further reliance on hydro power generation given drought conditions that occur.  We should be looking at diversifying our power sources to offset costs and to avoid magnifying the problems associated with increasing our  reliance on hydro power.  Applying for millions to cover increased power exports… hhhmmm, now that’s not right is it?  Makes you wonder… since when do you need money for exporting?

An interesting article is “Rising tensions: Transboundary troubles in Canada’s largest river basin” from the World Wildlife Federation blog.  It should be emailed to people in the North West Territorties to help in the push for a full federal review panel.  Alberta and NWT should be very concerned if the decision making is left in the hands of the rubber stamping BC Environmental Assessment process.

Another interesting article appeared in the Northern BC Business website, entitled “Site C = Mining“.  Here the connection between Site C and the Highway 37 Powerline Project was made quite clear.  It was suggested that “Site C isn’t about housing starts it’s about kick starting the mining industry in northwest BC where, according to the Mining Association of BC (MABC) $176 Million was spent in exploration in 2007 alone. It takes a lot of juice to power a mine and, as the MABC argues, mine development in the area is being held back by the present lack of electrical power.”  Yet more illustration of the hypocrisy from the current government.

Lots worth reading and some could use letters in response.