Did you know that …

BC is currently 98% self-sufficient in energy production, however, if you take into account the Canadian Entitlement to the Columbia River Treaty, we are in fact 105% energy self sufficient. (Hoberg, 2010)

Conversely, we are only 48% self-sufficient in vegetable production (MAFF, 2006). Does it make sense to worsen this by flooding thousands of acres of class 1 and 2 soils when there is not currently a need for energy and when it can easily be attained elsewhere without the necessity of destroying vast quantities of prime agricultural land in the process. Seems irresponsible to even be considering it.

One has to question where the real need is… and it definitely doesn’t appear to be with energy production.

George Hoberg’s (UBC professor) presentation “The Export Question: Under What Conditions Should British Columbia Become a Major Exporter of Electricity?” at Pacific Institute for Climate Solution’s 2010 conference “FutureGrid: BC’s Energy Options in a Changing Environment”, slide 16 (http://www.pics.uvic.ca/assets/pdf/futuregri/Hoberg_ppt.pdf)

“B.C.’s Food Self-Reliance: Can B.C.’s Farmers Feed Our Growing Population ?” by B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, 2006 (http://www.agf.gov.bc.ca/resmgmt/Food_Self_Reliance/BCFoodSelfReliance_Report.pdf)