As you know, Canada is in the middle of a federal election.  Whether or not the fate of the Site C Dam project will go before a full panel federal environmental assessment hearing will depend on the decision of the new government and the new federal minister of the environment.  No matter what happens at that hearing, the decision on whether or not to proceed with Site C will be a political one, and it will rest with the new federal government and the minister of the environment.  With this in mind, the Peace Valley Environment Association asks that you contact your candidate of choice, and ask where he or she stands on the issue.

 At the recent all-candidates’ forum held in Fort St John, the following were the positions stated by the candidates (in alphabetical order):                             
 Lois Boone  (New Democratic Party) – strongly against Site C
Jeremy Cote (Pirate Party)    –  no comment
Hillary Crowley (Green Party)    – against Site C
Ben Levine – (Liberal Party)    – no comment, except that “agricultural land is important”
Bob Zimmer – (Conservative Party) – “we must have a balance between the environment and a strong economy”
 This election is obviously not a one issue event, but the PVEA asks you to consider the fate of the Peace River Valley when casting your vote.