Dear Friend of the Tyee,
There’s a big election coming here in British Columbia. It could be as early as August, if the buzz proves right. It will pit Clark against Dix — not just their personalities, but their agendas. The issues they try to champion. Or ignore.
Which means what gets reported could determine the province we live in for years after.
So here’s our proposal to you. Tell us your top issues. Donate whatever you can — $25, $50, $200 — and we’ll see that money goes to pay a reporter to cover your issue during the provincial contest.
As you know, The Tyee produces hard-hitting, award-winning journalism.
Problem is, original reporting is expensive. That’s where you come in. We need you to:

  • Tell us what matters to you.
    Is climate change making you hot under the collar? Does the prospect of a pipeline across the province and oil tankers on the coast make you squirm? Are you losing sleep over the HST? Do you have access to affordable childcare? What about the privatization of public services? Tell us.
  • Donate to our election reporting fund.
    Every dollar is a vote for the issue you care about. The more dollars, the more comprehensive the reporting on a particular issue.

So, please, give us your feedback, donate now and together we can inject reliable, fact-based reporting into the democratic conversation.
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Sound familiar?
In the weeks leading up the the 2009 provincial election, we made a similar appeal. And we were overwhelmed by the response. Readers spoke to us with their donations, other media took note, and our reporters uncovered major scoops. Just check out this list of stories.
In short, together we made history. Your donations, your issues. Let’s do it again. Let’s show ’em what a determined school of fish can do! All together now!
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Thanks for your support!
Warm wishes
David Beers
Editor, The Tyee