Hello friends,

The feature film we’ve been working on for the past year is finished!  The world premiere will be at the Vancouver International Film Festival in October.


Visit the web site for a bit more info, listed under “currently” at charleswilkinson.com

Also, you can see a short trailer by clicking here.


Our tentative screening dates are October 4th & 6th, but final date and time info will be announced at the VIFF press conference on September 7th.

The film has been a labour of love.  Peace Out is a story about a river, a valley and the energy it produces, which many of us consume without fully realizing the impacts our conduct is having on people and places far away.  The movie isn’t preachy, no guilt trips, no finger pointing.  After all, the computer I’m writing and you’re reading this email on is connected by a really lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng extension cord to a giant power generation system somewhere.   Peace Out is about that place.  It’s about what the true costs are and some thoughts on why we may want to be bringing those down some.   It’s also an enchanting look at a place that most of us don’t realize is Grand Canyon beautiful.

It would be an honour if you could come & watch with us.


Charles Wilkinson


Peace Out

Tina Schliessler


Peace Out

Note:  I will provide confirmation of dates and times very soon!