Following is a letter that can be used by supporters to endorse our request for an extension of the Nov 7, 2011 deadline for submission of comments on the Draft Agreement (including the terms of reference) to conduct a cooperative environmental assessment, including the establishment of a joint review panel, of the Site C Clean Energy Project.  Additionally we are requesting an extension to the Nov 7th deadline for our application for participant funding.

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Treaty 8 First Nations is sending a similar request with the same number of days for an extension.

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Linda Jones, Project Manager
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
22nd Floor, 160 Elgin Street
Ottawa ON K1A 0H3

Oct. 26th,  2011

Re: Site C Clean Energy Project:  extension of the Nov. 7th deadline for comments on the Draft Agreement, including the Draft Terms of Reference and application for participant funding

Dear Ms. Jones,

I am pleased that your agency has agreed to hold public hearings to examine the effects of the proposed project.  I am writing to support the Peace Valley Environment Association’s request for an extension to the deadline for comments on the draft agreement including terms of reference and participant funding application.

To keep costs in control, a number of interest groups who are concerned about the impacts of this project have been working together to ensure that their approach and input to the environmental assessment process is efficient and not duplicated.  This effort takes time to coordinate effectively.  Additionally, given that CEAA has chosen to provide a single window of opportunity within the process to submit a funding request, intervenors must attempt to plan and budget for the entire process at present.  This includes determining priority issues as well as identifying and retaining professional and legal expertise.  The difficulty of these tasks is further compounded by the fact that interested parties are required to accomplish them without the guidelines for the environmental impact statement.  I feel that 30 days is an unreasonable amount of time to prepare a thoughtful, well planned and coordinated approach to the environmental assessment.

Consequently, I am requesting an extension of 40 days beyond the Nov. 7, 2011 deadline for submission of comments on both the Draft Agreement as well as the participant funding application.

Additionally, while I appreciate that the CEAA is making some participant funding available, I respectfully submit that $140,000 is inadequate for a full examination of a project of this magnitude.  I ask that you consider at least doubling this amount.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Respectfully yours,