The PVEA’s communications committee has just launched the first in a series of YouTube videos to highlight the human side of the Site C dam proposal.  We hope fans of The Alan Parsons Project will enjoy a 4.3 minute interlude listening to a Seventies rock classic while learning a bit more of the story unfolding in the Peace Region of northeastern B.C.   We recommend viewing this with your office door closed and the volume wide open.   We don’t intend on losing this battle, but win or lose, we plan to have some fun along the way.

If you have a slow Internet connection you will want to allow the video to download before starting to watch — the music is very much a part of the message here.

BC Hydro’s YouTube video describing the proposed dam project has had approximately 1400 hits.  Our aim is to exceed that number.  Please forward this link on to your contacts and post it to your social media sites.

We hope you enjoy “Help Save Arlene’s Life.”