Hi friends of Peace Out,

Wow, it’s been going really well with the film.  There seems to be an audience for it, one that cares about these issues & doesn’t look for easy answers.  We’re being asked daily where people can see it, acquire it, get it into their school or program.

The people and organizations who have been working so hard on the ideas expressed in Peace Out believe the best way to get the message out is to get the film on TV – ASAP (like before the upcoming election).  Festival success & awards do a lot for this (thanks you guys!).  So do well-attended screenings across the region (thanks you other guys!).  The idea has come up to try a letter writing campaign from enthusiastic fans of the film.  We think that if there were a few hundred emails/letters requesting that Peace Out be programmed it might make all the difference in getting the environment, and especially the Peace River issues up onto the agenda as an election issue in the next election.

If you have time, and you’re into helping this out even more, can we ask you to do this?  We attach a list of general contacts for Canadian Broadcasters as a starting point.  Write/email them.  Tell them you (and your 26,000 closest friends) want to see Peace Out on TV.

Also, we’ve just now got the main movie internet site (imdb.com) to realize that Peace Out is actually finished & in distribution.  This is the place broadcasters & festival programmers go to check out films.  Can we ask you to please go there, register, and leave feedback for Peace Out?  This would mean a great deal.  Just click here:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2016259/

Here are the broadcast contacts.  Thanks so much you guys!

Charles & Tina

Peace Out

Broadcasters to contact

1. CBC indie portal: http://www.cbc.ca/independentproducers/contact.html

2. CBC General: http://www.cbc.ca/contact/

3. CTV General: programming@ctv.ca

4. Global Can West General: http://www.globaltv.com/About/ContactUs.html



5. National Geographic Channel: feedback@nationalgeographic.ca

6. BBC/Shaw TV: bbccanada@shawmedia.ca

7. Knowledge Network: acquisitions@knowledge.ca


8. Bell Canada TV: albert.lee@bell.ca

9. Rogers (City) citytvvancouverfeedback@rci.rogers.com