From a friend.
8 February, 2012
Dear Premier Clark:
With all of the government and Port Metro Vancouver hype about job creation and B.C. opportunities for trade with China, I thought you might want to consider the data I recently received from a friend:
To those who think trade with China is of mutual benefit:

1997:  $3.9 billion Canada’s trade deficit with China

2001:  $8.5 billion Canada’s trade deficit with China

2006:  $22.9 billion Canada’s trade deficit with China

2009:  $28.4 billion Canada’s trade deficit with China

2010: $31.3 billion Canada’s trade deficit with China

source:  StatCan, DFAIT

My friend’s reaction was as follows:

“In 2011, the US Economic Policy Institute reported that the growing US trade deficit with China has cost America 2.8 million jobs over the last decade. How many jobs have been lost in Canada due to its own growing trade deficit to that country? How much oil do we have to sell in order to make up that deficit? A lot more than Enbridge is offering.”

And to those comments, I would add a few of my own:

Some years ago now, I remember watching a U.S. based Frontline documentary aired on public television; I believe the title was Is Walmart good for America? Although I would need to view it again online, it documented how so many quality American jobs had been lost that small towns had been erased from the map. The reason? Because Walmart and hundreds of other companies insist upon purchasing Chinese goods, most of which are manufactured by what we in the Western world would consider to be modern-day slave labour.

Is that truly the vision you have for B.C. families and for Canada Starts Here?

If it is, this citizen for one wants no part of your government’s vision for this province – especially when it includes foreign-based corporations tearing up our agricultural and wild lands to accommodate Site C and pipeline routes.