Re: Site C “Alleged” Clean Energy Project
Why is it that no-one involved with the Site C Project has ever looked at the Williston Lake Reservoir and the continuing environmental damage it is causing?
Why is it that our provincial power providers will not look at any alternative forms of clean, renewable energy projects that would be way less costly and provide as much power without the environmental damage?
Why should we lose an entire agriculturally viable valley, displace or kill all the wildlife, force many residents from their homes and destroy our main highway to provide power to large energy corporations? Also knowing that these corporations are more than capable of producing their own power for their own environmentally damaging projects?
Is it any wonder BC Hydro is close to bankruptcy? What if we all ran our own businesses or even households by deferring debt rather than paying it? Unfortunately, we would never be able to get away with it like a “crown corporation” can would we? We would be out in the street.
If they won’t look at this from the land owners’ vantage point or the environmental aspects, surely someone within the BC Hydro organization would at least make an attempt to understand the economics and realize this project makes no sense any way you look at it.
We, landowners in the Peace River Valley, who have attended meetings that BC Hydro calls “information meetings” are nothing more than propaganda meetings to tell us only what they want us to hear and we all know from attending these meetings that at BC Hydro, one hand never knows what the other hand is doing. They provide booklets about what a great wonderful project this will be, but when asked “Where is all the negative information from people, we were told “it was too much to print so it was unavailable.”
The final step will be approval from the provincial government and we all know where they stand. They want to sell us out to big corporate business regardless of the consequences as usual. The federal government to my knowledge has never taken a stand either way.
Our only hope is that;
#1 – Treaty 8 will be successful in declaring the Peace River the most endangered river.
#2 – Independent environmentalists will be successful in putting a stop to this totally ludicrous project
#3 – Someone within BC Hydro or the provincial or federal government will look at the numbers and
reach the only possible rational conclusion that it is absolutely NOT economically feasible.
They say that history repeats itself but I would prefer the other saying that “a mistake is not really a mistake as long as you learn from it.”
C’mon BC Hydro, take a look at the Williston Reservoir Project. Never mind drilling holes to check for stability when the riverbank is sloughing away right beside were you’re crew was drilling as they were around town this summer. Never mind hanging rotten meat in a tree right next to where someone lives for God knows what kind of wildlife studies without permission or knowledge of the landowner as they were doing this summer as well.
Look at the history and economics and scrap this god-forsaken ridiculous project once and for all and stop talking about expropriation if land owners don’t agree with getting kicked out of their own home, for no other reason than to support big business. This ridiculous project has been hanging over everyone’s’ heads for 30 years now. It was ludicrous then and even more so now with the new technology and all the alternatives that are far less expensive and cause no damage to the environment.
Who do they think is going to believe that this so called “Berm” they are going to build to protect Hudson’s Hope will work and what do they care when they refuse to look at Williston Lake and will readily admit soil conditions are very similar only if anything more unstable. People who lost their property at Williston are unable to do anything about it, so I’m sure we in Hudson’s Hope will be in the same boat. We (the taxpayers) first spent several millions building a new bridge at Cache Creek, but oh well, they’ll just build new roads and bridges with even more of our tax dollars. Never mind this project is way over budget or the equipment is outdated already and there are way more economical ways to provide power.
I have not even touched on the historical value of this beautiful valley. Alexander McKenzie found this wonderful valley as he passed and was overwhelmed at the beauty of the “Mighty Peace”. The peoples, the wildlife, the countryside and was quoted as proclaiming over the fossils seen on the riverbanks. Many examples of prehistory were destroyed in the last two hydro-electric projects. There are numerous areas between Hudson’s Hope and Fort St. John that have fossil banks yet to be recorded, but will once again be lost due to flooding.
I am not alone in my need to fight for my home, we are many and we will continue to fight for our homes, land, wildlife and history.
Evelyn F. Edinger