From on the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Solomon: “This is interesting. Building the pipeline doesn’t really create jobs for B.C.?”
“It creates some jobs in the construction phase but there are almost, there are very few long term jobs that would be left in the province after that.”

hhhhmmm… funny, the exact same thing could be said for Site C.  BC Hydro has said there will be only 25 permanent jobs.

For the Northern Gateway she said there would be no other benefits to BC other then royalties.  What are the benefits of LNG to BC?  BC would be the one paying for Site C – no benefit to BC, industry would get the power at reduced industrial rates – no benefit to BC.  In contrast, the benefits seems pretty good for Shell, Petrochina, Mitsubishi Corp and Korea Gas Corp.

Christy needs to cling to the LNG so she can say she is pro-pipeline and pro economic development… given how little sense the LNG plan makes, perhaps it’s just a smokescreen to hide behind what she is really supportive of… she doesn’t dare to admit at this point that she is pro-Northern Gateway pipeline.

She did voice her support for the Northern Gateway Pipeline before… however, she won’t touch that with a 10 ft. pole now.
She has been quoted in Hansard from when she first got in as saying “The northern gateway has to be at the very top of my priority list. Developing the northern gateway — it’s got to be absolutely job one.” (1355)

Atleast it is obvious that she is trying to desperately cling to something… even if it is a sinking ship.

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