Re: “Where’s the Power to Run LNG Plants?” May 27th, 2012

Rick Peterson asked “Where’s the Power to Run LNG Plants?”  If they want LNG, they need to power it with their own gas.  If the business plan is a good one then it should take into account the real cost of power in assessing the feasibility and not rely on a cost that is heavily subsidized by BC citizens.

Rick must realize burning natural gas (destined to be burned either way) is far more cost-effective than an $8 billion megaproject – oh yes, but they get power at industrial rates while ratepayers foot the bill.  Surely he recognizes there is far less financial risk involved in cogen, especially as it pertains to BC citizens.

Who are these forward-thinking countries he is referring to?  The U.S.A. is decommissioning more dams then they are building.  China has the Three Gorges Dam which is turning into a nightmare before it is even full.  How exactly can one be forward thinking by looking into the rear-view mirror at hydroelectric technology of the 60’s?

There are better ways if we quit looking backwards.  The rest of us are not interested in providing foreign owned companies with an operating subsidy.

Sandra Hoffmann, Ph.D.


It should be noted that the only letter that was published in response to Rick Peterson’s editorial was a sales pitch on IPPs by David Field of the BC Citizens for Green Energy,