Peace Out is now showing in Regina!!

On the top left corner of North America an energy bonanza of unimaginable proportions is taking place – far away from the eyes of the world. In Canada’s vast Peace River region the mega-projects include a major new dam, tens of thousands of hydro-fracked shale gas wells, a nuclear power plant, and the Tar Sands. On the positive side of the ledger, countless jobs are being created, resource revenues are pouring in, schools and hospitals are staying open. Alternatively, there are credible charges that multi-national corporations are despoiling an area the size of Florida, converting public assets into private fortunes and leaving a wake of Mordorlike destruction. Who to believe? In Peace Out, filmmaker Charles Wilkinson(Down Here, Max), assembles a brilliant cast of specialists who are credible, reasonable, occasionally irreverent, but always extraordinarily well informed on the subject. Peace Out resists finger-pointing, probing instead the deeper causes underlying the symptoms of environmental exploitation.

It is so important we get as many people as possible out to see this film to raise awareness of a critical national and international issue.  Anything you can do to get the word out will be enormously appreciated.  We really hope you can come and see it and please let all your friends and colleagues know.

Showing at the Central Library: Thurs Jun 21st –  7 pm; Sat the 23rd – 7 pm; Fri the 22nd – 9 pm; Sun the 24th – 9 pm