Tell BC Hydro that Site C is NOT an option!  Fill out the on-line comment form – link and suggested comments are provided below.  Comments on BC Hydro’s Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRP) are due this Friday, July 6th.

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Suggested feedback for BC Hydro’s Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRP)

from Peace Valley Environment Association (PVEA)

Link to IRP Discussion Guide:

Link to On-line Feedback Form:

Points to keep in mind in your response:


  • Conservation is the best way to achieve energy savings and should be a high priority for BC Hydro
    • BC Hydro should work with government agencies to establish standards for energy efficiency
    • Say “No” to Site C
      • It’s very expensive and given BC Hydro’s current financial state of affairs, adding $8 billion for Site C is not a good idea
      • Severe environmental impact associated with Site C
      • Hydro power is old technology – there are other  less damaging energy sources such as wind and geothermal that should be seriously considered
      • These other sources can be located much closer to the areas of demand, thereby reducing the 15% line loss associated with power from Site C
      • The money saved from Site C should be used to promote conservation
      • BC should be taking advantage of the opportunity to access power through the Columbia River Treaty
      • Existing infrastructure should be upgraded to its full potential
      • Use information from this article from The Common Sense Canadian to question and argue against the need for new infrastructure such as Site C and power from independent power producers.
      • Tell BC Hydro that they have no business using ratepayers’ money to get involved in providing infrastructure strictly for the use of various resource industries such as liquid natural gas and coal.  Traditionally these industries have supplied their own power – they take their risks and suffer their own losses.  The markets for these resources are extremely volatile and Hydro should not be hedging bets by investing billions of dollars into supplying energy for these companies.
        • The business case for LNG in China is extremely weak and volatile.
        • China has already contracted agreements for LNG with several well established suppliers in Australia, Quatar, Russia and Iran.
        • Australian lending agencies have already cautioned the country’s LNG companies that they are overextended based on future markets for LNG.
        • China is gearing up to extract its own recently discovered shale gas deposits (2nd largest in the world).
        • Investing public money via BC Hydro into speculative corporate interests is NOT appropriate!
        • In this day and age, hydro power is old technology.  It has been proven, in countries like Germany, that truly green energy options can be developed and a country can continue to prosper with them.
        • At this time, British Columbia should be exploring energy options such as wind and geothermal and should take advantage of the opportunity to become world leaders in developing and promoting truly green energy options.
        • It is not in the interest of present or future generations to destroy vast tracts of farmland and Boreal forest in order to provide energy to the province, when other, viable alternatives exist.
        • Site C should not be built!