Many of our supporters may be interested in attending this event.  Here are some details:

You are invited to participate in an exciting event that encompasses seven provinces, the territories and includes people from all walks of life unified around one concern – the future of northern waters.

Speakers include: Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Chief Sam Gargan, Wade Davis, Maude Barlow, John Waterhouse, and more voices from our Arctic Ocean Drainage Basin.

Entertainment: Live music, drum dances and hand games planned during the conference. Keep posted for detailed schedule.

When: September 26 – 29, 2012

Where: Northern Rockies Regional Recreational Centre in Tthek’eneh Kúe (Fort Nelson, BC)

Who: Fort Nelson First Nations Lands Department at (250) 774-6313 or 1-888-543-3636 to get registered

This year we highlight the Fort Nelson – Liard River basin where the use of record-breaking mass scale and highly controversial hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract deep earth natural gas resources is causing growing alarm among local people and those who live downstream in the Arctic Ocean Basin.

“If there was someway we could take care of our land. To us that doesn’t mean big studies and big water plants. It doesn’t mean more industry coming in and fixing it for us. It means finding that balance so the land can stay healthy, so we as human beings can live on this land.”
– FNFN community member