What:  BC Rivers’ Day Wooden Boat Race

  Bear Flat on the Hudson’s Hope Highway – Hwy 29 (approx. 30 km from FSJ). Look to the left and you will see a large, red, kayak –shaped ‘Paddle for the Peace’ sign – enter the hayfield here and follow the road to the river’s edge.

When:  Sunday, September 30th, 11:30 a.m. boat launch followed by a bring-your-own picnic in the hayfield.

Details:  Celebrate BC Rivers’ Day with the Peace Valley Environment Association by participating in our first ‘BC Rivers’ Day Wooden Boat Race’ and help us ‘Keep the Peace’!

The Peace River is proclaimed as the 3rd Most Endangered River in BC. It is under serious threat from the proposed Site C dam. You can help STOP this huge, devastating project by participating in this fun event and supporting the PVEA’s on-going efforts including communications work and expenses associated with our legal team and subject-matte

r experts.

If this project proceeds, over 13,000 acres of agricultural land, half of it PRIME farmland, will be washed down the river. Additionally, over 12,000 acres of Boreal forest will be destroyed – home to many wildlife species such as bear, moose and deer, as well as many species of birds.

This is a FUN event for individuals and families and here’s how it works:

– Purchase a wooden boat for $20 from the PVEA:
Through our website: www.peacevalley.ca , click
on ‘DONATE’ and pay by credit card or PayPal, or
Contact Tony Atkins, 250-785-2088, or
Visit our table at the FSJ Farmer’s Market,
Saturday, Sept 22nd and 29th at the Main Arena

– Your name will be recorded with the number on the boat
– All boats will be released at 11:30 a.m. upriver from the
hayfield at Bear Flat
– Watch the boats come downriver from the hayfield
– Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
– Race is followed by a bring-your-own PICNIC LUNCH in the


1st place: Outdoor Family Portrait Session

2nd and 3rd Place: A box of assorted foods produced in the Peace!

In case case of poor weather, you will be notified of cancellation of the event through facebook and we will simply do a draw of registrants’ names for the prizes.

Looking forward to it – hope to see many of you there! 🙂