Just returned from lunch with Premier Clark.  I had some one-on-one time with her afterwards.  I told her that instead of spending $8 billion plus on Site C, that money could be better spent investing in research and development of alternative energy.  She stated that BC is recognized as 3rd in the world for use of alternatives and that it was a great platform to build on.  She also stated that she was depending on the outcome of the EA process, I reminded her that BC has a poor track record for turning down EA’s.  We continued to discuss alternatives and she mentioned BCUC and I reminded her that Premier Campbell removed BCUC’s oversight on Site C and that the present EA process is set up in such a way to exclude consideration of alternatives – she seemed a little surprised at that.  Anyways, I got a few more points in and gave her some reading material regarding the various impacts that Site C will cause – suggested that perhaps she could read it on the plane.  Doing what I can….! 🙂


Andrea Morison, PVEA Coordinator