In this clip, , you will see that Damien Gillis and his Fractured Land (a documentary in process) team have connected all the dots between Site C, proposed mining, LNG, fracking and pipeline projects in BC.  They coined the term ‘Canada’s Carbon Corridor’ to describe the cumulation of carbon based projects on the books in BC.  On several occasions, the BC government has stated that all of the power from Site C is needed for industry of one form or another.  As you can see by the graphics provided in this presentation, there is an overwhelming number of proposed projects in our province that are leading us down an archaic, unsustainable path for the future.  Destroying the Peace River Valley is yet one more project that our backwards thinking government wants to implement in order to feed power to these industries.  Many thanks to the Fractured Land team for the work they are putting into this and for spreading the word far and wide.