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Dear PVEA Supporters,

The PVEA would like to thank you for the many actions you have taken recently to protect the Peace River Valley. Now that we are into the final phase of the environment assessment process – we’re asking you to stay with us as we make our last ‘kick-at-the-can’ within this process to keep our governments from destroying this precious river valley.

With your support and that of 1000’s of others from across the province, we continue to successfully inform British Columbians and our politicians about Site C and its devastating impacts. Here are some of the accomplishments you’ve made happen recently:

• Since June of this year, 28,590 letters have been sent from our page that PVEA manages jointly with Yellowstone to Yukon Wildlife initiative and Sierra Club BC!

• In July, over 500 people participated in our 8th Annual Paddle for the Peace.

• In mid-October, over 537 people submitted a response to BC Hydro to let them know that Site C should not be part of the province’s future energy plan.

• On BC Rivers Day in September, we had an impressive turnout for our 2nd Annual BC Rivers Day Wooden Boat Race where we were blessed with beautiful weather and participation from families and supporters of all generations.

• At the end of September, over 318 people sent a letter to support PVEA’s request that the BC Utilities Commission reinstate its oversight of Site C.

• Many of you have successfully spread our Stop Site C messaging to 1000’s throughout the province thanks to your letters that were published in both local and provincial news media.

• Your shares on social media have contributed to a fantastic growth of followers on our sites!

Our grass-roots organization has produced incredible results thanks to the collective efforts of all of you – our dedicated and passionate supporters!

Right now, we are at a crucial point in our campaign to Protect the Peace River Valley and Stop Site C Dam. We have entered the final phase in the Environmental Assessment Process. We need your help to ensure that we make the most compelling arguments to the Joint Review Panel and convince them that Site C is not in the best interests of British Columbians. We need your support and generosity to make sure that we have the resources to present our views effectively!

PVEA is asking each of you, at this time, to commit to making a monthly donation for the next 10 months – that’s less than a year! Monthly donations of $10, $25, $50 or more from December 2013 to the end of the EA process (anticipated in September 2014) would be greatly appreciated.

Every commitment to a monthly donation that is made by the end of December 13th, 2013 will be entered in a draw for a plaque-mounted portrait of the Peace Valley, by professional photographer, Don Hoffmann.

How to make your commitment:
• Reply to this confidential email ( with a note stating your intention as well as your name, credit card # and expiry date; or,
• Reply to this email ( or phone 250-785-2088 and make arrangements that suit you with our finance director, Tony Atkins; or,
• Mail 10 post-dated cheques for the months of Dec 2013 to September 2014 to:
o Peace Valley Environment Association, PO Box 6062, Fort St. John, BC, V1J 4H6

Your financial commitment to PVEA will significantly assist our efforts to make an effective case at the hearings and lobby the decision makers to make the right decision, to reject Site C dam once and for all!

Thank you.

For the Peace,

Ruth Ann Darnall, President
Peace Valley Environment Association

Facebook: Peace Valley Environment Association
Twitter: @SavePeaceValley