Dear PVEA Supporters,

Right now, there are only three more days left for you to provide comments in the environmental assessment process for the proposed Site C dam. Please send a letter to the review panel now, here

It is vitally important that all British Columbians are heard through this process, not only because of the devastating effects that this project will cause to a huge area of land, but also because this Environmental Assessment process has been completely undemocratic! To date, all consultation sessions on the project have been held only in northeastern BC. Once the written comment period closes on November 25, public hearings will again be restricted to only a few communities in B.C.’s northeast. There are NO public hearings scheduled for the majority of British Columbians to be heard on a mega-project that will impact all of us!

The $8 billion dam would flood some of B.C.’s best farmland, disrupt a vital wildlife corridor and set us all up for rate hikes as BC Hydro sinks us even deeper into debt.

Let’s make sure the panel hears it loud and clear from as many British Columbians as possible: Stop the Site C dam!

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Thank you for standing up for the Peace River Valley!


For the Peace,

Ruth Ann Darnall, President

Peace Valley Environment Association

Peace Valley Environment Association