You are all invited and encouraged to join us on opening day of the hearings on Site C in FSJ, Mon Dec 9. First Nations, farmers and all those that want to protect this valley are invited to join in a peaceful procession during the welcome for the hearings. We will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the T8FN office and proceed to the Pomeroy Hotel at 8:45.
The purpose is to demonstrate that there is a large diversity of groups and individuals working together, which symbolizes the importance of moving through the hearings process peacefully with a commitment to respect each other. The key message of the opening welcome is that the people, represented by many differing backgrounds, still live off of the lands and waters of the Peace River Valley and they want to keep it this way for the future generations.
Feel free to bring an object/artifact that symbolizes/demonstrates your connection to the valley and/or wear clothing to represent this – such as traditional native dress, hunting/fishing gear, farming clothes. Examples of objects might be furs, paddles, horse shoes, a picture or painting, binoculars, a fishing rod or anything else. These items will be laid on a table for the morning and can be collected by yourself at noon or Treaty 8 will pick up and you can collect from them later.
I hope you can take some time to attend this important event. Thank you for helping to Protect the Peace!