Attached are the schedules for the Site C Hearings in FSJ for Jan 13th & 14, 2014. The session on the 13th will address aquatic and downstream environment issues and the session on the 14th will address ‘vegetation’, including expert testimony from PVEA’s agricultural experts Wendy Holm, Eveline Wolterson and Joan Sawicki – who will all speak in the morning of Tuesday, the 14th sometime between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Mountain time, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific.

January 13, 2014_Site C Hearing Daily Schedule

January 14, 2014_Site C Hearing Daily Schedule

Also, here is the weekly schedule for the hearings: Revised Hearing Schedule_released January2

Our experts’ presentations will focus on a number of significant flaws with BC Hydro’s assessment and subsequent determination that the impacts of Site C dam to agriculture would be ‘insignificant’. Specifically, they will discuss: the undervalued impact to both private landowners and the public; BC Hydro’s failure to adequately measure cumulative impacts and economic impact of risks (such as climate change, higher fuel prices, increased concentration in agri-food markets and their impact on food costs); and, BC Hydro’s failure to use accurate discount rates to reflect impacts over time.

Additionally, our experts will address the scarcity of quality farmland in BC, emphasizing the precious value of the land in the Peace River Valley. Topics to be addressed will include: gaps and misinterpretations of the baseline data; the inaccurate accounting of the unique combination of microclimate and soils in the Peace River Valley; and the flaws which have been found with the ways in which the value of agriculture is assessed.

If Site C were to proceed, it would result in the removal of the largest amount of farmland in the Agricultural Land Commission’s (ALC’s) history. The fact that the ALC was not involved in the EA process to date and has subsequently been completely removed from considering Site C at all by our current government will also be addressed.

It would be wonderful to see as many of you as possible at the hearings this week; however I realize that many of you do not live in the area. You can listen in through a conference line by calling 1-877-413-4815, passcode: 9698412. I’m sure you’ll find it well worth your while to listen to the evidence our experts are putting forward and the resulting discussion with the Panel and BC Hydro.

The reports submitted to the Joint Review Panel from our experts Wendy Holm and Eveline Wolterson are available here: The report from our expert Joan Sawicki is here: JMS JRP oral for distribution.Jan 12 ’14.

Thank you to all of you for your on-going support.