The Chair of the Joint Review Panel on Site C dam notified BC Hydro during the hearings on January 7th, 2014 that there were a number of questions that have been troubling them about the need for the project and alternatives to it. BC Hydro is going to respond to these concerns on Thursday, January 23rd at 9 a.m. Mountain time at the hearings in Fort St. John. If you cannot attend in person, I strongly encourage you to dial in and listen – 1-877-413-4815 , passcode 9698412.

The Chair specifically outlined the Panel’s concerns and 6 specific questions in the following doc, starting on pg 14:

I have synthesized the 6 questions for your information as follows:

1. What is the empirical relationship between population change and energy demand?

2. What are the revenue requirements of Site C and what is the associated amortization?

3. How will time-of-use pricing affect demand and what does that do to the timing of the need for Site C?

4. Market prices for buying and selling electricity are quite low and this trend is expected to continue, therefore Site C is a very large financial risk. Would BC Hydro please comment on this?

5. Are there ways in which the definition of ‘self-sufficiency’ could be specified that’s consistent with provincial policy, but might give Hydro room to firm up other opportunities?

6. Given that the province has relaxed the constraints on use of gas for LNG, couldn’t BC Hydro consider using single cycle gas turbines and maybe time-of-use pricing to convert unfirm hydro to something firm with a relatively small use of natural gas?