You can help protect the precious Peace River Valley by telling the decision-makers that Site C is not in the best interests of British Columbians!

The federal and provincial governments will jointly decide whether to proceed with Site C by the fall of 2014. It is vital that you and all British Columbians let them know that this project should be rejected!

Energy experts at the hearings on Site C pointed out that BC could have more energy than it needs for decades into the future, even without Site C. They also found significant flaws in the methods that BC Hydro used to compare Site C to alternatives.

Additionally, the dam would impact over 57,000 acres of land, obliterating First Nations cultural sites and causing irreversible harm to fish, wildlife, farmers as well as Class 1 and 2 food producing land. This prime agricultural land is grossly undervalued by BC Hydro in a time when traditional food producing lands are being lost all over the world due to the weather extremes caused by global warming.

If Site C proceeds, it will cost ALL British Columbians. Hydro rates will rise well beyond the presently projected rate increases. It is anticipated that rates will increase 45% over the next 10 years. Not until AFTER THAT will BC Hydro start getting British Columbians to pay for Site C. We can’t let it proceed!

Electricity from Site C is not needed to power B.C. households and businesses. Our government wants this project so that industries such as LNG and mining can use power paid for by you and I.

It isn’t right that BC taxpayers should foot the $8 billion bill for this project when industry should be shouldering the bulk of the costs of production themselves. Additionally, it doesn’t make sense when BC Hydro is already billions of dollars in debt and the cost of producing new power is up to 3 times greater than it can be purchased for on the open market.

Please help stop Site C by sending a letter now!


(Note: Modifying this letter to reflect your passion for saving the valley will make it even more effective.)

Dear ….. (suggested names and addresses can be found below this letter template)

I don’t believe that Site C dam is in the best interests of British Columbians. At the hearings on Site C, energy experts demonstrated that even without Site C, BC could be in an energy surplus situation for decades. If built, Site C would put the province in an energy surplus situation into 2030. This will result in Hydro having to sell the power at a significant loss. Prices for power on the open market are approximately one third of what it would cost to produce power from Site C.

Additionally, energy experts pointed out that the methods used by BC Hydro to compare energy alternatives were faulty and must be thoroughly re-examined. It doesn’t make sense to presume that the alternatives must produce the same maximum output as Site C, when they could be more cost effectively constructed on an incremental and ‘as-needed’ basis. This would allow BC Hydro to avoid the gross over production scenario that would result from Site C.

The proposed project would have wide-ranging environmental, social and economic impacts not only for the communities in and near the Peace River Valley but for all British Columbians.

The recently released report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that, “All aspects of food security are potentially affected by climate change, including food access, utilization, and price stability.” Site C would flood more than 52 square kilometres of precious agricultural land, including a significant percentage of BC’s most precious and productive Class 1 and 2 lands. Class 1 land comprises only 0.2% of the total land mass of BC while this increases slightly to 1.3% for Class 2. Thus, Site C would flood some of the finest agricultural land in the province!

The losses of boreal forest, biodiversity and ecosystem services and functions
including carbon sequestration are unacceptable risks.

The proposed dam would destroy critical habitat for at-risk species and impede wildlife
mobility. This would contribute to genetic isolation and the potential loss of species. According to wildlife biologist Dr. Clayton Apps, the impacts from development in the northeast region of the province are already ‘highly significant’ for wildlife and Site C will compound these cumulative impacts.

The dam would severely impact First Nations, flooding 78 First Nations heritage sites,
including burial grounds and places of cultural and spiritual significance.

All of these values associated with the land that would be impacted by Site C have significant quantifiable values over time which should not be dismissed as you consider this project.

Site C electricity is not needed for domestic consumption: residential and commercial
customers in B.C. have actually reduced their power consumption on average since 2008, despite linear population growth. The costs of Site C to B.C. ratepayers and to our environment are simply too high.

Rather than building Site C dam, BC Hydro should be exploring and developing alternative sources of energy that do not add to the rapidly accelerating cumulative
impacts on the environment of northeastern BC.

On a final note, it is inappropriate to see BC Hydro proceeding with construction related activities including requests for qualifications from potential contractors to construct the dam. Given that the environmental assessment process is not yet complete and that many British Columbians participated with sincerity in the process, BC Hydro’s actions demonstrate a very dismissive and disrespectful attitude towards the decision-making processes. As mentioned at the beginning of this letter, we are in no rush for the power; regardless, proceeding in this fashion is insensitive, unnecessary and undermines the federal and provincial government processes that residents are led to believe are carried out in good faith.

I urge you to reject the Site C dam project in the interests of all British Columbians living here now and particularly, for those who will want to enjoy ‘the best place on earth’ in the future.


(Your name)

Suggested Recipients:

(Always helpful if letters such as these are sent to the press as well!)

Hon. Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Room 156
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, B.C.
PO Box 9041
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC
V8W 9E1
Email: premier@gov.bc.ca

Honorable Bill Bennett
BC Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister Responsible for Core Review
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC
V8V 1X4
Email: mem.minister@gov.bc.ca

Honorable Mary Polak
BC Minister of Environment
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC
V8V 1X4
Email: env.minister@gov.bc.ca

Honorable Leona Aglukkaq
Federal Minister of the Environment
458 Confederation Building
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Email: Leona.Aglukkaq@parl.gc.ca

THANK YOU so much for making a difference! 🙂