The decision on the environmental assessment for Site C is only about 2 months away! YOU can ensure that the decision makers are aware of the facts which prove that this dam is definitely NOT in the best interests of British Columbians by sending a letter to the decision-makers right NOW!

The decision on the issuance of the Environmental Assessment certificate is expected by September 8th, 2014. There’s not much time left to ensure that the politicians are fully informed of the issues and of the fact that British Columbians don’t want Site C!

Form letters don’t carry much weight, so we’d like you to send a quick email to your MLA stating that you are against Site C. Below is some supporting information you may find helpful:

• The Association of Major Power Customers of BC has stated that Site C is not the right project now; citing additional concerns regarding recent rate increases and the accuracy of BC Hydro’s energy forecasts. (Source:

• Even the BC Chamber of Commerce is recommending that BC Hydro maximize power generation from existing infrastructure, improve demand-side management and address workforce efficiency and cost controls before building Site C. The Chamber states that with regard to Site C, “…the payoff for the province and its taxpaying citizens won’t justify the huge investment required.” (Business Vancouver, editorial, June 3-9, 2014)

• Read the comprehensive report commissioned by Treaty 8 which provides a detailed and comprehensive assessment of viable alternatives to Site C. The report demonstrates that even if BC Hydro’s greatest energy predictions are realized, Site C is still more expensive than a combined range of alternatives. The report is available here:

• Economics expert Dr. Marvin Shaffer has also conducted significant research on the viability of Site C and has concluded that there are far less expensive alternatives to Site C. He also cautions that projected growth by industrial sectors is based on existing pricing which is far less than the costs will be once Site C is commissioned. See Dr. Shaffer’s report here:

• BC Hydro itself has stated that over 700 Mw of power exists in the vast geothermal stores throughout the province. Wouldn’t it make more sense to explore and capitalize on this opportunity, where facilities and jobs can be created in various locations throughout the province and more, longer term jobs would be created that would be by Site C?

• The Site C dam would impact over 57,000 acres of forested and agricultural land. In a time when global warming is destroying traditional food producing land, British Columbians would be able to move toward much great food self-sufficiency if they were able to take advantage of the Class 1 and 2 growing conditions in the Peace River Valley. Agrologist Wendy Holm told the Joint Review Panel that the land in the Valley is capable of feeding over a million people – that’s one quarter of the population of British Columbia!

• Dr. Clayton Apps, wildlife biologist, told the Joint Review Panel that impacts to wildlife in northeastern BC are already significant. Building Site C will only add to the degradation of wildlife habitat and overall survival rates of many animal species who depend on critical habitat in this area of the province.

• Treaty 8 First Nations were promised that they would be able to carry out their treaty rights, “… for as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow and the grass grows.” Site C would significantly impact area First Nations’ ability to carry out their cultural practices and rights. Construction of the dam could impact up to 337 archaeological sites, including ancestral gravesites.

Your MLA’s email and mailing address can be found at the following site:
Here are a few you might want to consider:

Honorable Bill Bennett
Minister of Energy and Mines
PO BOX 9069
V8W 9E2

Premier Christy Clark
PO BOX 9041
V8W 9E1

Honorable Mary Polak
Minister of Environment
PO BOX 9047
V8W 9E2

Additionally, we encourage you to send a letter to the federal minister of the environment:

Honorable Leona Aglukkaq
458 Confederation Building
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6