The Peace River is primarily located in northeastern British Columbia and northwestern Alberta, Canada. Today it is 1,923 km long, but forty years ago it was even longer. At that time, the waters of the Peace began their journey at what was once known as Finlay Forks, a place where the Parsnip and Peace headwaters joined the Finlay River. Today the Peace River’s headwaters start after the WAC Bennett Dam, on the eastern arm of the huge man made reservoir called Williston Reservoir.

Other Peace River tributaries include the Halfway, Moberly, Pine, Smoky, Cadotte and Wabasca Rivers. It flows northeast, pooling with the Athabasca River in the Peace-Athabasca Delta to form the Slave River. The Slave River, in turn, flows into Great Slave Lake. From there the MacKenzie River takes over, reaching the Arctic Ocean via the Beaufort Sea.

The Peace River has great historical significance as a travel route, first for First Nations people and then for those involved in the fur trade. Today it supports many industries, including two hydro dams (WAC Bennett and Peace Canyon), ever-increasing numbers of sawmills and pulp mills and numerous agricultural activities.

The Peace River Valley is the lifeblood of a diverse ecosystem, and provides sanctuary to a number of threatened and endangered species. It is also home to a number of 3rd and 4th generation farm families, who reside on lands inherited from their pioneering ancestors. The Peace River is a recreational haven for tourists, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and local residents, providing wonderful opportunities for sightseeing, canoeing, kayaking, boating, fishing, bird and wildlife viewing, camping and swimming.

BC cannot afford to destroy the Peace River Valley through the construction of Site C dam. The province doesn’t need the power and if or when there is a need for more power, there are many, less expensive alternatives.

Save BC from Site C!

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