On Friday, July 11th, the Vancouver Sun ran a very biased article on how BC Hydro’s engineers were ready to put shovels in the ground as soon as they received approval for the Site C dam. On Monday, July 14th, the Vancouver Sun ran a second article claiming strong support for Site C. And in between – on Saturday, July 12th – we had a hugely successful 9th Annual Paddle for the Peace. These two articles were not a coincidence. BC Hydro is running scared because they know that real opposition (as opposed to a telephone poll asking people that have never even heard of Site C whether they support “the Site C Clean Energy Project”) is growing across the province. Industry is starting to understand they can’t afford Site C. The Joint Review Panel report said BC Hydro failed to prove we need the power and that Site C would create “significant adverse effects” on First Nations people and a large variety of species. Not to mention the 800 Million Dollars they expect to lose in the first four years of operation because the cost of generating electricity from Site C far exceeds the price anyone would pay for it. British Columbian citizens are beginning to think we would be better off funding our teachers and nurses than a 60-m high dam we don’t need. BC Hydro is scared and you can expect the propaganda campaign to ramp up. Please, please, please help us push back through social media. BC Hydro may have the Vancouver Sun’s ear, but through Facebook, Twitter, and sites like we can have the ear of the people.