Flag:  Peace Valley First Nation’s youth                                      Photo:  Anjali Spooner

Dear Friends,

As you have likely heard, the federal and provincial governments have approved the issuance of the environmental assessment certificate for the  Site C dam in northeastern BC.

But, this is not the FINAL decision!

The BC cabinet has yet to determine whether this project should proceed and plans to make that decision in November.

So, hang in there with us – this battle is far from over!

Energy Minister Bill Bennett has said that cabinet has yet to make an ‘investment’ decision on Site C.  At this time, the government is having the $7.9 billion price tag assessed and are considering reports from alternative energy associations who say they can provide energy for BC’s future with far less devastation and for less money.

Additionally, the government realizes that impacted First Nations in the Peace area are staunchly opposed to the project.  According to the Joint Review Panel, the dam would cause ‘significant’ and ‘unmitigable’ harm to area First Nations’ ability to carry out their treaty and aboriginal rights.

We’re not finished yet! There is still time to stop this devastating project!

You can help!  We need as many British Columbians as possible to flood Minister Bennett’s office with letters, emails and tweets telling him that not only is this dam a bad investment decision for BC, but the government does not have the social license to proceed!  They are answerable to us, the citizens, and WE DON’T WANT SITE C!

A few points to consider adding to your correspondence:

  • There are many better alternatives.  The Joint Review Panel and the BCUC have both suggested that BC Hydro seriously consider the tremendous and less expensive geothermal option.
  • Alternative energy sources can be built on an as-needed, incremental basis so that we don’t end up with the huge surplus of power that would accompany Site C.  (BC Hydro admits that Site C will lose $800 million in the first 4 years of operation!)
  • Alternative energy sources can provide jobs where they are needed and many more jobs than Site C.  (Once Site C is operational, it will only provide 25 full-time jobs.)
  • First Nations treaty rights must be respected.  They have already suffered a multitude of effects due to two previous dams as well as the oil, gas and mining activity occurring in their territory.
  • It’s time for government to broaden the mandate of BC Hydro so that it fully consider energy options besides hydroelectricity and develops a truly sustainable and cost-effective energy plan for BC.

Send your message to Minister Bennett:


PO BOX 9069
V8W 9E2
Telephone: 250 387-5896
Fax: 250-356-2965

Twitter:  @KootenayBill

We’re not giving up! And we hope you’ll continue to stand with us.

Join our alliance with First Nations and conservation groups as we work together to protect the natural wealth and bounty of the Peace Valley for all British Columbians. Together, we will continue to mobilize the growing chorus of opposition to Site C, engage unlikely allies among major industries and the business sector, and support farmers, ranchers and Treaty 8 First Nations in an effort to protect British Columbians from this devastating project.

Together, we will stop Site C!

For the Peace,


Andrea Morison                                                      Ana Simeon

Peace Valley Environment Association                   Sierra Club BC

P.S. Please share this action request.  We need as many British Columbians as possible to let our government know that Site C is not in our best interests.