Sept 6 2012

Photo:  Donald Hoffmann

Dear Protectors of the Peace,

First, we want to thank you for your sustained enthusiasm and support for the campaign to protect the Peace River Valley from Site C Dam. Your voice joins that of thousands of British Columbians on our list who are working to stop this needless project.

Right now, the BC Cabinet is deliberating whether Site C is a good investment decision for the province.  We have successfully encouraged our supporters with expertise in economics and energy alternatives to submit information to these decision-makers.

Now we need YOU to help ensure that our government representatives understand that Site C is absolutely NOT a good investment for BC.  We need you to help convince the decision-makers that British Columbians don’t want to spend billions dollars on a White Elephant!

Most recently, Minister Bennett stated that he could sell the power from Site C to the LNG industry for less than $83 per megawatt hour.  That’s interesting, because according to BC Hydro, the cost of producing power from Site C as of 2013 is $110 per megawatt hour. So, our government wants to build a $7.9 billion piece of infrastructure and sell it at a loss? Guess who gets to make up the difference?  Each of us can look in the mirror for the answer to that question.

What can you do?

Please take just a few minutes to send a letter to all members of BC’s Treasury Board:,,,,,,,,,,

You may wish to consider incorporating the following information:

  • I am strongly against proceeding with Site C dam as the financial and economic implications are far too great.
  • The dam is too expensive and I don’t want to see hydro rates skyrocketing further than they are already.  Given BC Hydro’s track record and that of other entities that have built large dams, there is no doubt that this project will result in significant cost overruns.
  • I don’t agree that BC should put its credit rating at risk by going into debt for building a huge dam, the need for which is clearly unproven.
  • BC needs to broaden the mandate of BC Hydro so that our publicly owned energy utility can pursue the cost-effective development of alternative, truly green sources of energy on an incremental, as-needed basis.
  • It makes no sense to build Site C, which will result in an oversupply of energy for the first several, if not many years of operation, costing us hundreds of millions of dollars.  This is completely unnecessary.
  • The Joint Review Panel pointed out that the loss of biodiversity associated with Site C will have financial costs.  These costs are very real and have not been accounted for in this project.  The David Suzuki Foundation recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the economic benefits of keeping the Peace River regions’ remaining farmland and nature intact and found that it’s worth $7.9 to $8.6 billion per year!
  • Have you considered the cost of the legal challenges associated with this project? There are four lawsuits already in the works by First Nations and landowners. Litigation on dams in other jurisdictions is known to go on for decades.
  • There is no need to rush a decision on Site C.  The LNG industry is not yet established and with the decreasing prices for LNG globally, it is questionable whether this will be a viable industry for British Columbia.  It makes more sense for the industry to use gas to provide for all of its energy needs, thus negating the risk of overbuilding energy infrastructure on the backs of British Columbians.
  • Please consider the legacy you will be remembered for by British Columbians. Say ‘No’ to Site C dam and ‘Yes’ to broadening BC Hydro’s mandate and using truly green sources of power that British Columbians can be proud to build and showcase to the world.
  • Add your own, personal thoughts about what is important and why it is meaningful for you and all British Columbians to see this dam stopped for good.

We are at a critical and time-sensitive phase of the final decision-making process on Site C.  Please send your letters as soon as possible to the Treasury Board members before it’s TOO LATE!  A final decision is to be announced between now and Christmas!

For the Peace,

Andrea Morison,
Peace Valley Environment Association