On the same day that group of landowners called for the construction of the Site C dam to be delayed, Heritage Canada put the Peace River Valley on its list of the most endangered places in the country.

“Archaeological evidence and oral history bare witness to at least 10,500 years of human occupation along the Peace River Valley, marking it as an important prehistoric migration route,” Heritage Canada states.

The group said the valley is endangered because of the provincial government’s plan to build the Site C dam and generating station.

The reservoir for the dam would flood 83 kilometres of the Peace River Valley, nearly tripling the river’s width and trapping 125 square kilometres of Class 1 to 7 agricultural land.

The valley contains many First Nations traditional gathering grounds and sacred sites, as well as heritage sites from the fur trade and later periods of European settlement.

Heritage Canada says at least 20 at-risk species reside in the valley, along with B.C.’s only prime farmland north of Quesnel.


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