Via Verena Hofmann, Treaty 8 Tribal Association, July 23, 2015:

Dane-zaa drummers along the Halfway River today, this River as well as the Peace River, Moberly River, and many other tributaries are threatened by the Site C Dam: (This is a Facebook link, but the only one available).
Thank-you Jeff Metecheah and Albert Achla. Also many thanks to Reg Whiten and Art Napoleon for instigating the idea of drummers sharing their songs and drum beats from anywhere, in unison at 1pm today, while the T8FNs are in court today over the Site C Dam.

I am standing in the middle of the city in Vancouver and court just got out – my heart is big, my eyes welled with tears of happiness, and I am so full of pride to stand along side you both and all others (you know who you are). We will save the Peace River Valley and keep the lands and waters free of BC Hydro’s DAM water!