Victoria Site C rally Nov 18 George Desjarlais  speaking by Caitlyn VernonGeorge Desjarlais of West Moberly First Nation addresses the crowd at the rally against Site C in Victoria in November 2015.                                                                                                                       Photo:  Caitlyn Vernon


Dear Friends,

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who responded to our request to send letters to Prime Minister Trudeau and his ministers regarding the need to stop Site C. The response was fantastic!
As you know, Site C is not a ‘done deal’ despite the best efforts of BC Hydro and BC’s provincial government.
The fight to Save the Peace River Valley continues to ramp up despite the devastating impacts of the land clearing. In order to keep the momentum of the campaign against the dam going, we need your help.
Treaty 8 First Nations, as well as the farmers and ranchers of the Peace Valley Landowners Association are still fighting through the courts to preserve this beautiful valley for future generations as well as to protect treaty affirmed rights.
Not only that, but First Nations’ leaders are in Ottawa right now, talking to our new federal government about the need to stop Site C.
If Canada’s new federal government wants to pass the critical litmus test that it set for itself in the lead-up to the recent election when it promised a new, more respectful relationship with First Nations, saying no to Site C is a great way to begin.
(The Province, 8 December 2015)
– Grand Chief Stewart Philip, Union of BC Indian Chiefs
One of our steadfast partners in the campaign to stop Site C is Amnesty International. Site C was picked as one of the top issues this year for their international ‘Write-for-rights’ letter writing marathon that begins tomorrow, December 10th , Human Rights Day. This means that both the BC and federal government will be getting thousands of letters from around the world!
We can all help and it’s easy! Just go to: to join the world in telling our governments to stop Site C!
Please support this important initiative and help us KEEP the PEACE!
Thank you so much!