OTTAWA, Dec. 10, 2015 /CNW/ – First Nation chiefs from British Columbia and representatives from the Assembly of First Nations are calling on the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take a second look at a Cabinet decision of the former federal government providing initial approval of the controversial Site C dam.

The Chiefs also are calling on key federal Cabinet Ministers to meet with them and are seeking a halt on any further federal permitting until the issue of Treaty rights infringement arising from the proposed project is fully examined and resolved.

The call comes as a delegation of Chiefs from British Columbia arrives in Ottawa to press for meetings with key federal Cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister to ask that the federal government intervene to stop the proposed dam, which would flood nearly 23,000 hectares of land along 107 kilometres of the Peace River, Moberly River, Halfway River and their tributaries.

“The Site C dam would inundate the Peace River valley and several of its tributaries, destroying the last stretch of the valley that we have left. We’ve already lost 70 per cent of the valley to two massive reservoirs that have poisoned fish, wiped out hunting and gathering grounds and flooded burial sites. Ottawa must not allow what little remains to be wiped out as well,” says West Moberly First Nations Chief, Roland Willson.

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