Residents of Southwestern BC:

Members of the Peace Valley Landowners Association, representing 70 farmers who are fighting to prevent the flooding of their homes and farms from the Site C dam, need your help.

While this is the largest infrastructure project in BC history, most people in the Fraser Valley have never heard of it, even though they will end up paying for it through increased hydro rates and loss of other important infrastructure projects we won’t be able to afford.

Site C dam would result in the largest withdrawal from the agricultural land reserve in BC’s history.

BC Hydro wants to put B.C. farmland under water. The proposed Site C dam would flood 107 kilometers of valley bottom in the Peace region, destroying some of B.C.’s best farmland. Family farms that have been passed down for generations would be washed away.

“The Peace River Valley has the capacity to produce a wide range of produce. The land to be flooded is capable of providing an annual, local, sustainably-produced supply of fresh vegetables to over a million people. Think what that could mean for nutrition in northern communities!”
– Wendy Holm, B.Sc., M.Sc., P.Ag.

An environmental assessment by the Federal/Provincial Joint-Review Panel expressed concerns about the significant destruction of habitat and resulting impacts on farmers and local First Nations. In their report, the panel noted that there were other forms of energy, such as geothermal energy, that could meet the demand for additional power without the same level of early-year losses of Site C. The Joint Review Panel (JRP) concluded that “the proponent has not fully demonstrated the need for the project on the timetable set forth.” In Recommendation 46, the Panel stated: “If it is decided that the Project should proceed, a first step should be the referral of Project costs and hence unit energy costs and revenue requirements to the BC Utilities Commission for detailed examination” (Swain, Harry et. al. Report of the JRP, May 1, 2014).

This recommendation has thus far not been accepted by the Clark government.

There are five major concerns related to this project:

1. Loss of Prime Farm Land

2. Rate Increases and Other Infrastructure in Jeopardy

3. The need for Site C has not been demonstrated

4. Important wildlife values will be destroyed

5. First Nations have said no

The government needs to hear from the people of B.C.

Will you help by:

– Putting a sign on your property (see photo)?
– Helping coordinate/spread the word about in-person presentations in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland?

Further information:

Valerie Hunter