from DeSmog Canada

By Ben Parfitt, Feb 4, 2016

This is an excellent article that provides a detailed account of and questions the need for BC taxpayers to supply transmission lines via BC Hydro to provide power to the gas industry, who to date, have supplied their own power needs with gas.  So why the switch?  How does that benefit the world?  We all share the same atmosphere. We pay and industry sells more gas for their own profit.

“Goodings, like others who have called on the government to subject the Site C project to B.C. Utilities Commission review, believes it’s in our collective interest to know if we are about to spend billions of dollars on a new dam and hydro lines that, at the end of the day, may benefit the public very little while benefitting one industry very much.”
“there is actually no net benefit to the earth’s overheating atmosphere in making the gas industry here at home somewhat cleaner. While the gas industry’s greenhouse gas emissions in B.C. may be less bad than they would otherwise be, all of the gas saved through electrifying gas company field operations is simply sent down pipelines to the financial benefit of the sellers. The gas is then burned somewhere else at a collective loss to the planet.”

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