Photo:  Tristan Brand

Let your Member of Parliament know that the feds CAN stop Site C dam!
It has come to our attention that not only do many of Canada’s new MP’s not know about Site C, they don’t realize that the federal government can actually do anything about it – but they can!  And we need you to inform them!

BC Hydro has to obtain permits related to continued construction of the dam from the Ministry of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, as well as from the Ministry of Transport.  They have the power to deny these permits and halt construction, which in turn would allow for a thorough assessment of the project by the BC Utilities Commission and would also allow time for the outstanding court cases by First Nations and landowners to be heard and decided upon.

Dr. Harry Swain, former Chair of the Joint Review Panel on Site C, with a doctorate in economics, has made the unprecedented move of publicly stating that the need for, cost and alternatives to this project were not sufficiently researched and that the dam should not proceed until these matters are fully assessed and justified. Numerous other experts have done their research and stated the same.

It’s time our government paid attention – before any more destruction in the Peace River Valley takes place!

Please go to to write your letter!  The site will automatically send your letter to your MP as well as to the Prime Minister and 5 key federal ministers.

The action of each person does make a difference.  We have to stop this dam before any more loss of old growth forests, siltation and waste of taxpayers’ money occurs!

Thank you for your on-going support! 🙂