Wondering about what you can do to help stop Site C? Amnesty International has consolidated a number of actions, from letter and postcard writing to printing off a flood level sign and taking a picture of you and the sign with anything that can be used to symbolize history, culture, identity and subsistence, then sharing on Twitter and Instagram. Following is the link to the information provided below:

How can you stand up against Site C?

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2016 – 15:23

Join Amnesty International supporters around the world on International Human Rights Day for our global campaign Write for Rights, and protect Indigenous rights in the Peace River valley!

The proposed $8 billion plus Site C hydroelectric dam would flood more than 80 km of the river valley, stretching west from Fort St. John. The severe impact on Indigenous peoples is beyond dispute. A joint federal-province environmental impact assessment concluded that the dam would “severely undermine” use of the land, would make fishing unsafe for at least a generation, and would submerge burial grounds and other crucial cultural and historical sites.

Here are some ways you can stand with Indigenous peoples of the Peace River valley against the Site C dam:

1. Sign up for Write for Rights

Write a letter, change a life! This year the Peace River valley is being highlighted internationally by Amnesty International’s annual Write for Rights event that takes place on or leading up to December 10th. Participants worldwide will be writing letters of solidarity to Indigenous peoples of the Peace River Valley, and calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to respect Indigenous rights by saying no to the Site C dam. Use our letter-writing case sheet for Site C to guide your writing. You can write on your own or at a local event – or host your own letter-writing party!

Sign up for Write for Rights today!

2. Join the global Twitter Storm to Stop Site C on December 6th

Write for Rights participants from all over the world are sending tweets to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on December 6th. Join us!

3. Send a solidarity message or photograph

Rising Waters photo action:

Dramatize the impact of the Site C dam, and build empathy for the Indigenous peoples of the Peace Valley, by asking the question, what would it be like if our own homes, historic sites, and cultural icons were threatened with destruction. Local residents have posted signs up and down the valley to show how much land will be lost if the dam is completed.

Download this PDF to create your “flood level sign” and take photos in front of appropriate landmarks such as museums, cultural centers, farm fields – anything that can be used to symbolize history, culture, identity and subsistence. Then share your pictures on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #WithThePeaceRiver and #NoSiteC and text such as:

  • Imagine your history and culture washed away. #NoSiteC #WithThePeaceRiver
  • Imagine your home threatened with destruction. #NoSiteC #WithThePeaceRiver
  • What if everything you loved and valued was about to be washed away. #NoSiteC #WithThePeaceRiver

Your solidarity message with then appear on our solidary page: amnesty.ca/withthepeaceriver.

Lisa showing the impact on her community if the flooding proposed for the Peace River Valley took place in the Ottawa River Valley

Caitlin displaying the Write for Rights letter that she wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to respect Indigenous Rights

4. Give a Virtual Reality tour of the Peace River valley

Explore wrap-around panoramic photos and 360 videos which capture the view of standing on the shore by the Peace River. Find the images here.

Hosting a Write for Rights event? Order a FREE Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer by December 1!

5. Sign and Share our Online Action

Tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop ignoring the rights of Indigenous people and halt the Site C dam. TAKE ACTION NOW!

6. Send our ‘Keep the Promise” postcards to PM Trudeau

Ask fellow supporters to send Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a postcard urging him to respect Indigenous rights and stop the Site C dam. Order your “Keep the Promise” postcards here

7. Buy a stake in the future of the Peace River valley

Help support the First Nations legal battle against the Site C dam by buying a yellow stake with your name on it. Your stake will be planted on the third generation boon farm that BC hydro wants to expropriate before Christmas in order to flood for the Site C Dam. Buy a stake here.