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Photo:  Jeff Jackson

Dear Peace Valley Defenders,

As you are aware, campaigning for the upcoming provincial election in British Columbia has begun.  This is a crucial election for the fate of the Peace River Valley. If this valley is destroyed because Site C dam is not stopped, we will lose tens of thousands of acres of critical wildlife habitat, a good chunk of BC’s precious and rare food-producing land and thousands of First Nations cultural and archaeological sites. Not to mention, we — and our children and grandchildren — will pay for all this destruction for the next 70 years!

You can make a difference!

Starting now, we are asking our supporters to help spread awareness of the many critical issues of concern associated with this boondoggle of a project. We need you to help ensure that Site C is a priority election issue that all candidates are aware of and must answer to. You can help spread the word to candidates in the upcoming election and at the same time ensure that all British Columbians are made aware of the significance of this project and the long term effects it will have on our province and its people.

Actions you can take:

  • Attend events where there are opportunities to ask questions of the candidates. Use the opportunity as a platform to educate others in the audience. Start with a statement about a concern regarding the project and follow up with a question that requires an open-ended response. (Facts to support your comments and questions, can be found here.)
  • Write a letter to your local paper (and send copies to the bigger publications like the Vancouver Sun, The Province or Times Colonist) outlining your concerns about Site C. Include a variety of examples, starting with the increase in cost of every British Columbians’ hydro bill. Then you can include other issues such as cheaper alternatives, loss of prime food producing land, environmental and First Nations impacts.
  • Tell your friends about the issues and invite them to join our Facebook page and to get involved.

For more ideas and ‘Campaign Fact Sheets’:

If you (and your friends) are interested in doing more, check out this Resources link with information to facilitate a variety of actions such as:

  • Banner creation and waving (including a design for your own White Elephant)
  • Hosting a film night
  • Hosting an information table at an event
  • Hosting a presentation of the newly released book ‘The Peace in Peril’, and more

You’ll also find campaign fact sheets on this site with key information and messages you can use to make your points.

This election presents an opportunity to stop BC’s biggest boondoggle in history!  Make your voice heard and make it count. Help us work to ensure that those around us do the same. Thank you for your dedication and energy.

For the Peace,

Andrea Morison