Ariel 2

Dear Peace Defenders,

We’re pulling out all the stops to educate voters about Site C over the next month. We’ve produced a new website ( and accompanying brochures. Please go check it out!

Y2Y has also hired a full-time field organizer, based in the Vancouver area. Meet Ariel Martz-Oberlander, who has been knocking on doors and attending events for a little over a week now. Ariel is a graduate of the drama program at Victoria College at the University of Toronto. She’s also a very active volunteer, a seasoned activist, and a published author. Welcome Ariel!

A big part of Ariel’s job is to help volunteers province-wide help spread the word about Site C in their areas.


Please contact Ariel directly – a.martzoberlander@gmail.com604-351-8324 – and she’ll be happy to help by sending you brochures and supporting you in whatever ways you wish to get active in your community. You can share the brochures with your friends, put them out at work or drop them in local waiting rooms.

You can also help educate British Columbians about this massive boondoggle by hosting a table at an event, hosting your own event, attending all-candidates meetings or by going door-knocking. We’ve got resources to help you with all of that here, but the best resource is a human, and that’s Ariel! She’d love to hear from you!