On April 1, an enormous White Elephant is coming to Vancouver to remind British Columbians that BC Hydro’s Site C Dam project for northeast BC’s Peace River is a looming economic disaster – and can be stopped.  Come meet the White Elephant and friends on Georgia street just west of Denman Avenue between 9:00 AM and noon on April 1.

White elephants are traditional symbols of useless gifts that cost needless expense and are burdensome to maintain.

Alliance 4 Democracy has done the research.  We strongly believe BC needs a sober second look at the question of Site C Dam.  A4D has studied research that came to light after the Joint Review Panel about the need, costs and alternatives for the dam. We learned that the economics just don’t work for BC!   The risks to our future prosperity are unacceptable:  from a dam that will need to sell power below the cost of production and create a massive Hydro-planned debt burden for at least 70 years.

Why Site C dam? We are deeply concerned that the facts have not been independently reviewed by the public body responsible for that task, the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC). The BC government refused to allow this independent verification process in the public interest to occur.  So we risk making a huge mistake with massive economic, indigenous, social, and environmental costs without having answered one simple question:  Do we really need this dam?  70% of people in BC want this project reviewed before it continues.  70 % of people want the simple question Do we really need Site C Dam? to be answered before the so called “Point of No Return”.

The Big White Elephant is coming to warn people about the costs of Site C Dam to their families and future so they can vote accordingly.  May 9, 2017 is an important election for the people of the Peace River Valley. We in the South owe them, at the very least, the verification that we need Site C dam BEFORE we destroy their priceless valley and their ways of life. It’s a question of human decency.

 Alliance 4 Democracy is a Sunshine Coast community group, formed in 2011, dedicated to the practice of democracy as the means by which our society resolves the important questions of our day.

 Contact:  George Smith:  (604) 989-5094