As we draw closer to the May 9th provincial election, we continue to work with supporters like you to promote action and awareness about Site C throughout the province in hopes that this devastating and unnecessary project will be put to a stop. We believe that if the British Columbia Utilities Commission is given the opportunity to assess the need for, cost of and alternatives to this project, they will determine that it is not in the best interests of British Columbians to continue construction of Site C.

How can you help make this happen?

We urge you to take action starting NOW (there are less than 4 weeks till election day)!

  • Go to our new RealHearings.org letter-writing website where all you have to do is write a letter expressing your concerns and by entering your postal code, the site will automatically identify and send your letter to all the BC election candidates in your riding, the Prime Minister as well as the federal environment and justice ministers. Please use the social media buttons on this site to share on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.
  • Visit our new, informative website, ca where you will find factual information clearly and succinctly laid out. Please share this site with your friends to help them get informed.
  • Help us draw attention to this looming disaster by joining and sharing posts from the Facebook and Twitter sites (White Elephant Sez) for the Stop Site C White Elephant. Brought to you by our friends at Alliance 4 Democracy, the White Elephant is popping up at events across the province. If you’d like the White Elephant to attend an event in your community, contact George Smith (georgesmith@telus.net or 604-989-5094).
  • Contact Ariel Martz-Oberlander (a.martzoberlander@gmail.com or 604-351-8324 ) to request copies of our Justthedamfacts brochures for distribution at events, public gathering places and/or to your friends, family and co-workers. These brochures clearly lay out the common questions and answers about Site C and we need as many people as possible to understand this before election day!
  • For those living in the Peace, mark your calendars for Sunday, April 23rd and join us at Boon’s farm on Bear Flat from 2-4 p.m. Folkactivist Luke Wallace looks forward to having supporters join him as he makes a video of his song, Give a Dam among the hundreds of Yellow Stakes standing in solidarity to defend the Peace! Visit and share the Facebook event here. Hope many of you will make it!

If you’ve ever wished you could do more to help, now is the time!

Even just doing one of the actions above will make a difference. 😊

Thank you!

Thank you!!