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                                       Sunflowers in the Peace River Valley       Photo:  Andrea Morison

Dear Friends of the Peace,

Apologies for the error in the version of this that was sent late last night!  In the rush to get it out and after a long day, some of the links weren’t correct!  They are corrected below.  Additionally, I have added a few questions/comments and facts from our experts have also been the Resources page of our blog.

The Community Input sessions associated with the British Columbia Utilities Commission’s review of Site C begin tomorrow, Saturday, September 23rd in Vancouver.  These sessions will take place in various locations throughout BC and we encourage as many of you as possible to attend and show your solidarity for putting the economic and environmental disaster, also known as Site C dam, to rest – for good!

The sessions will conclude on Wednesday, October 11th.  Please see the complete schedule here and find out more about the process and how you can get involved at the sessions here.

What concerns should I bring to the BCUC?

As promised, we have some comments and concerns that you may choose to bring forward to the inquiry process, whether by speaking at one of the events or making a written submission which you can do through the BCUC website here.

We are fortunate to have received comments, advice and suggested questions related to the BCUC’s Preliminary Report from a number of very credible experts.  Following are some of the key messages that they suggest we bring to the BCUC Commissioners’ attention:

  • Thanks to BCUC for undertaking this review of Site C.


  • Thanks to BCUC for asking BC Hydro to provide significantly more information.


  • Can you please do your best to ensure that BC Hydro provides the required information in a timely fashion?


  • Ask BCUC to devote their energy to findings on alternative portfolios.


  • Even if Site C is on time and on budget, and even if BC Hydro forecasts were true, alternatives will save ratepayers money.


  • Let me know how I can support your (BCUC’s) efforts.


  • Can you tell me what my hydro rates will be if we: a) proceed with Site C;  b) bring Hydro’s debt down to a reasonable amount; and c) bring the regulatory accounts  from $6 billion to zero?


  • Can you tell me why Site C is even being considered given that demand has been flat for the last 10 years and is expected to continue to be so?


  • Can you tell me how many jobs Site C is really providing?  How many are for British Columbians, Canadians from other provinces and how many are foreign workers?


  • Given that we have several dams in this province as well as the potential for the Canadian Entitlement to the Columbia River Treaty, Burrard Thermal and the Northwest Electrical Grid, why does BC Hydro keep telling us that we need Site C for back up power? It is essentially a large run-of-river project, isn’t it?


  • If we are currently exporting 90% of the amount of power that Site C is expected to produce, then why wouldn’t we use more of this power ourselves and not build Site C power which is about three times as expensive?

More questions will be added to this list, which is available on our blog.

Additionally, we have produced a brochure full of facts from our experts that you may find helpful.  Please take a look at it, print it off and share it with your friends, co-workers and family.

Thank you so much for your on-going support as we push to ensure that the government and the BCUC hear us loud and clear – let’s get this dam stopped for good and soon!

For the Peace,

Andrea Morison
Peace Valley Env. Assc.