What: International energy expert Robert McCullough, and Harry Swain, former chair of the federal-provincial review of the Site C project, will be available for interview following the release of the BCUC final report on Site C, this Wednesday, November 1.

The BCUC’s Site C Inquiry comes to an end this Wednesday when the panel will provide their report and findings to the NDP government regarding the future of the Site C project. Their report will be made available to the public as well.

Robert McCullough will be available to speak to the impacts the decision will have on BC’s economic future including the negative implications on BC ratepayers, and why Site C is not the best option to address BC’s energy needs.

Harry Swain will be available to speak to how BC Hydro has consistently overestimated BC’s energy demand and that renewables such as wind, solar and geothermal are viable alternatives that will save BC ratepayers billions and can be implemented when, and if, demand materializes.

When:             Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Two hours after the report is released
(specific timing dependent on the BCUC release)

Where:            Option 1: By phone
                        Option 2: In person at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver,
791 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, BC
(please see media contacts below to set up a time)

Who:               Robert McCullough, International Energy Expert
                        Harry Swain, Former Chair, Site C Joint Review Panel
                        Ken Boon, President, Peace Valley Landowner Association
Robert McCullough, Harry Swain and Ken Boon will also be available for interviews on November 2 and can provide detailed analyses of the BCUC’s report.
Media Contacts:Amanda Munro: amanda@munrothompson.com / 604-360-3994
Emily Marroquin: emily@munrothompson.com / 604-928-6299

Expert Biographies
Robert McCullough is Principal of McCullough Research in Portland, OR, and for over thirty-seven years has advised governments, utilities, and aboriginal groups on energy, metals, paper, and chemical issues. He has testified repeatedly in state, federal, and provincial courts as well as before Congress and regulatory bodies. His testimony in front of the Senate Energy Committee is credited with initiating the Enron trading investigations during which he worked for the U.S. Department of Justice and three western attorneys general. He has consulted for U.S. and Canadian clients on hydroelectric issues in many states and provinces, including on many occasions, presenting on issues before Canadian regulators.

Harry Swain chaired the federal-provincial review of the Site C project in 2013-14. Earlier, he was the federal Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs and later Industry in the period 1987-96. He was a postdoc at Cambridge, taught economic geography in Toronto and at UBC, and was a project leader at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria. On rejoining the federal public service in 1976, he worked in energy policy (renewables, nuclear) and regional development, and for seven years worked in the federal cabinet secretariat. In 1996 he left the federal public service to become a director of Hambros Bank Ltd (London) and CEO of its Canadian subsidiary, working principally in project finance. He retired to Victoria in 2005.