Together We are Protecting the Peace             Photo:  Andrea Morison

Dear Friends of the Peace River Valley,

Things looked very grim just a few months ago on the Site C front but we feel like we’ve turned that almost completely around after going through the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) review process that is about to wrap up.  While many of us have played a role in this, we at Peace Valley Landowner and Environment Associations attribute this change largely to the immense effort put forward by international energy economist, Robert McCullough who we jointly hired to represent us in this process.

The invaluable assistance from Mr. McCullough didn’t come for free though and we are now fundraising to pay the fees.  Given the value of the services provided, we are hoping that you will help us as we seek donations to pay for these invaluable services.

Despite many years of effort to stop the project, we had a government determined to push Site C ‘past the point of no return’.  Court challenges were failing mainly for technical reasons, and repeated calls for a BCUC review were simply ignored.  Options to save the Peace River Valley were running out.

When our new NDP government sent the Site C project to the BCUC for an expedited review, we knew we had to act quickly because this looked like our last chance to protect the Peace.  The technical nature of the review required us to find the best expert we could to participate on our behalf.

Fortunately we engaged Robert McCullough of McCullough Research from Portland Oregon to work for us.  Robert is arguably the top subject expert in western North America on these very issues.

The immense workload associated with participating effectively in this BCUC review had to be undertaken in very little time.  We were extremely fortunate that Mr. McCullough made himself available and couldn’t be more pleased with the information and effort he put forward throughout this 3 month process.

Mr. McCullough did an incredible amount of work during this review, bringing many reports forward, responding to requests from the panel, and presenting at the technical presentation sessions. There is no doubt he played an influential role during this review.   His tireless efforts and extensive expertise have helped the BCUC consider findings that favour termination of Site C, and have contributed to excellent media coverage on cost overruns.

To bring the best case forward during this last chance to save the Peace River Valley, our organizations have incurred great expense, and are now fundraising to help cover those bills.
We ask you to please consider helping by making a donation.  For bookkeeping purposes, we are running this fundraiser through PVLA. There are two ways to submit your donation:

  1. Send an e-transfer to Arlene Boon at Please ensure you email Arlene at the same address with the password she will need to accept the funds.
  1. Mail your cheque to:

Peace Valley Landowner Assoc.
SS#2, Site 12, Comp 19
Fort St. John, BC  V1J 4M7

Our need at this time is urgent. The invoices for these services are still arriving; however, we need to raise $20,000  by November 4th to make the next payment. All donations, great or small, are much appreciated and will help greatly with this endeavor.

Thank you for being with us through these many years as we have worked to save all British Columbians, including future generations, from this unnecessary and destructive project.  We sincerely appreciate your support in this final stretch to protect the Peace.

Thank you,
Ken Boon, President, PVLA                                 Ruth Ann Darnall, President, PVEA

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