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Dear Friends of the Peace River Valley,

Good news!  The BCUC report came out November 1st and it endorses many of the arguments put forward by international energy expert, Robert McCullough as well as Harry Swain, former chair of the Joint Review Panel on Site C and Eoin Finn, retired partner of KPMG.  We were very pleased with the findings from the BCUC that have been presented to the BC government.

What’s next?
We are waiting for the provincial NDP to make a final decision on whether to cancel, suspend or proceed with Site C.

All the NDP have told us is that the decision will be made before the end of 2017.

What can I do?
This is it – the absolute final push.  Every one of us needs to contact the provincial NDP to let them know that we want them to cancel Site C.  We have a few suggestions for how best to do that – pick one or pick all, it’s up to you, but please make sure you are heard and we get this valley saved!

Send a letter:

  • Send a letter to the premier and the key cabinet ministers involved in the final decision on Site C through Y2Y’s handy letter writing website here.
  • Send a handwritten letter to Premier Horgan and Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister, Michelle Mungall and provide copies to your MLA and any other NDP or BC Green Party MLA’s you wish to add.  Look up all MLA’s contact information here.
  • Email your own letter to Premier Horgan and Minister Mungall, copying your own MLA and any additional NDP or Green Party MLA’s.  All contact information can be found here.

Meet with your MLA:

  • Useful tips on setting up an effective meeting can be found here.  We have organizers who are willing to arrange for someone to accompany you to your meeting if you like.

Host a good, old fashioned letter writing party:

  • Call up your friends and family and propose a meeting time and place for all to attend to discuss the issues and get letters written to your MLA.  You can have it at a favorite café or bar or even make it an open house or potluck event at your place.  Have some paper, pens and envelopes available.  It’s a great excuse to gather with friends and achieve something meaningful.  P.S. We’ve organized quite a few of these now and people really enjoy them!

If you’re looking for a succinct document with details about the issues that you can refer to in your letters, we’ve got that covered too, just click here.

It’s crunch time, and the longer you wait, the less likely you’ll be heard before the final decision on Site C is made. We’re counting on YOU! Remember, the MLA’s need to hear from their constituents!

Please take one of the above actions – some literally can be done in less than a minute – and take satisfaction in knowing that you are taking action to effect the change you want to see in this world.

For the Peace,