This is an urgent moment. Please consider signing onto this public letter of solidarity with the Treaty 8 First Nations and many other organizations who are fighting to protect the Peace River from the Site C dam:

I invite you to stand in solidarity with West Moberly First Nations, Prophet River First Nation, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Amnesty International, the Peace Valley Landowners Association, the Peace Valley Environment Association, and many others who call for the immediate termination of BC Hydro’s Site C dam in Treaty 8 Territory.

Although the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) Inquiry recently gave BC the evidence it needs to cancel BC Hydro’s Site C dam, I’m worried that a small group of long-time NDP insiders and lobbyists are working for the building trades unions and using their influence to lobby hard for the continuation of this boondoggle. Their disregard for a public and open process and the lack of consent for the dam from the most directly affected Treaty 8 First Nations, West Moberly and Prophet River, is very disappointing in this time of attempted reconciliation. We need people to understand that they do not represent the union movement, nor the sentiment of many NDP supporters.

We know that proceeding with Site C will destroy the Peace River valley and substantially increase BC Hydro’s debt load for power which the BCUC has shown we don’t need. The NDP may never recover from such a fatal error.

Thank you for considering signing this open letter.  And please share with folks who would want to sign on as individuals – your affiliation is requested only to show where you are based, not to represent your local or riding association:  To sign, click on this link:

More people need to hear the perspectives and experiences of women who’ve been working hard to protect the Peace Valley and their families, such as those at:

and Systemic colonial violence impacts Indigenous women disproportionately.

 The dam will cost BC a lot more than $10 billion through its geotechnical instability, lawsuits and the usual cost overruns that come with such mega projects.

Please also consider contacting your MLA and/or your union to urge that the NDP respect the BC Utilities Commission’s findings as well as research done by UBC’s Program on Water Governance ( that shows how dam termination is not only viable but actually generates more long terms jobs.

Please submit your request to the BC NDP to cancel Site C here.