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Musicians and Farmers Align for Peace Valley Solidarity Concert

June 19, 2018 VANCOUVER – On July 21st, the UBC Farm will host musicians Luke Wallace, Shari Ulrich and Corrina Keeling for an event in solidarity with Peace Valley farmers and Treaty 8 Nations fighting the Site C Dam. The event is occurring at a critical time as it falls two days before the Treaty 8 First Nations Injunction case is scheduled to begin in provincial court.

This family-friendly, celebratory event is the collaborative vision of musician Luke Wallace and organizers at the UBC Farm: a hub of food systems education for a food secure future.

“We at the UBC Farm see this event as a great opportunity to share our support for farmers all over the region, as well as promote and celebrate the amazing farmland we have here in BC.”

– Clare Cullen, Operations Director at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm

This event is a part of a growing web of activations pushing for the cancellation of the Site C Dam, which include the annual Paddle for the Peace and countless music and book tours, as well as the Site C Accountability Summit, which took place in January of 2018.

“The Site C Dam embodies everything that is wrong with provincial politics in 2018. It’s an embarrassment to those of us fighting to reconcile a history of colonization. It’s the destruction of world-class farmland to create power for sunset industries like oil and gas. And perhaps most critically, the $10.7 billion (and climbing) tax-dollar-price tag is stifling all other forms of renewable, 21st century energy investment like geothermal and solar. This dam must, and will, be stopped.”

– Luke Wallace, Organizer and Musician, Farmland First

Event Details:

July 21, 2018

3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

UBC Farm, 3461 Ross Drive (


Children 12 and under free

Food, beer and refreshments available for purchase

All profits will go to Treaty 8 Legal court fees


Luke Wallace, Musician – 778-866-6147 –

Facebook event —

Tickets for event —


Mark your calenders for an evening of great music, speakers and a chance to rally and show your support for the protection of the Peace River Valley!
“It will be an evening of music and some wise and stirring words from people talking about the issues from the First Nations Treaty Rights that need to be respected, to the fact that the Peace River Valley is some of B.C.’s prime food producing land, to the issues around the power, and how we really, really need to look at these things much more closely and carefully than has been done to date,” says event organizer, Holly Artnzen.

A party with a purpose to protect the beautiful Peace River Valley from the devastation of the unnecessary Site C dam! Come and support the Peace Valley Landowner’s court challenge which begins on April 20th.

Tix $20 @ The Wise Hall or by donation at the door
Or online at
Pay what you can, nobody will be turned away

Guest speakers include: Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Union of BC Indian Chiefs; Harold Steves, father of BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve; Arlene Boon, Peace Valley Landowner Association; Joe Foy, Wilderness Committee.

Special surprise musical guest TBA on March 13th!

Facebook event link here:

Join us on Saturday, July 14th as we dip our paddles in a show of opposition to the proposed Site C Dam!  Yes, the rumors are true, David Suzuki will join us in our 7th annual paddle down the beautiful Peace River.

Bring your friends and family as well as your lifejackets and canoes/kayaks and join us in celebrating the beauty of the Peace River Valley.  For more details see

If you missed the speaking tour, you can see it all here:


The Story of the Peace River and the Threat of

the Site C Dam

The Treaty 8 First Nations, the Wilderness Committee and the Peace Valley Environment Association are embarking on a province-wide speaking tour to talk about the threats to the beautiful and the ecologically important Peace River Valley.

And it’s coming to Victoria, Vancouver, Roberts Creek and Whistler.

The beautiful Peace River Valley is under threat.  Come learn about the consequences of the Site C project and hear first hand from some of the people most directly impacted by the project. If you care about climate change, food security, indigenous rights and wilderness areas, or are curious about energy demands in the province, this is a must attend event.

Our province is full of beautiful places, but there are few places with both the spectacular beauty and the ecological importance to match the Peace River Valley.

Nestled in the northeast corner of British Columbia, the Peace River flows from the Rocky Mountains towards the Arctic Ocean. The valley is home to Treaty 8 First Nations’ hunting, fishing, and trapping grounds, fertile agricultural lands and farms, old-growth boreal forests, and is one of the most important wildlife corridors in the Yellowstone to Yukon migration corridor chain.

In an area already fractured by oil and gas development, and on a river already choked by two existing dams, the government of BC wants to build the $8 billion Site C Dam. The proposed 60 meter high Site C mega-dam would flood over 100 kilometres of river valley, drowning a land area equal to 14 Stanley Parks, and causing landslides as the banks of the reservoir erode over time.

The cost of the proposed Site C Dam continues to skyrocket and it’s going to hit the pocketbooks of all BC citizens.  In 2006, the estimated cost of the 60 metre high dam was less than $3 billion.  In 2008, the cost jumped to $6.6 billion. Currently, BC Hydro’s revised estimate for the mega-hydro project is almost $8 billion. This astronomical amount, in addition to a budgeted $6 billion dollars for maintenance on existing dams, is bound to increase residential rates well over BC Hydro’s estimate of 50% in the next 5 years.

Thank you to Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC’s Sunshine Coast Chapter and the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association for partnering with us on this stop on the tour.


Our Speaking Tour Presentation Schedule is as follows:

Victoria                         Vancouver                         Roberts Creek                         Whistler

Monday, May 30      Tuesday, May 31           Wednesday, June 1               Thursday, June 2

7-9 p.m.                                7-9 p.m.                           7-9 p.m.                                        7-9 p.m.

First Metropolitan          Heritage Hall                         Roberts Creek                            Whistler Public

United Church                    3102 Main St.                    Community Centre                     Library

Corner of Quadra and                                                      1309 Roberts Ck Rd                     4329 Main St.


Contact: or 250-785-2088 for more info

Following is the letter template that we are asking supporters to send to the Federal Minister of the Environment, urging the federal government to ensure that a full panel federal environmental assessment is conducted for the proposed Site C Hydro Dam.  While BC Hydro is presently preparing to submit their project for a BC environmental assessment, the provincial process is not as comprehensive as the federal process.  In particular, the provincial process will not look at the ‘need for’ and ‘alternatives to’ the project, while it is likely that this will occur in a federal process.

I am posting the letter now, since we are making reference to it through the media as we pass along information about our Listening Tour, ‘ Meet the Peace:  The Story of the Peace River and the Threat of Site C’, which begins next week.  However, it would be preferable if you would hold off sending the letter until Prime Minister Harper announces his new cabinet.  There may be a change in the Minister of the Environment and we feel it would be most effective if the letters arrived right after the new ministers are established.  Thank you for your consideration and support!  Here’s the letter:

May       , 2011

Minister of Environment

10 Wellington Street, 28th Floor

Gatineau, Quebec  K1A 0H3

Re:  CEAA Full Panel Review Request for Proposed Site C Dam on the Peace River in Northeast British Columbia

Dear Minister,

The purpose of this correspondence is to ensure that BC Hydro’s proposed Site C Dam, on the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia, is subject to a full panel federal environmental assessment (EA).  The project will soon be submitted for a provincial EA;  however, the scope of the provincial process does not provide the opportunity to fully and adequately assess the diverse array of issues associated with this project.

This is a mega-project that spans federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions.  It will affect residents, waterways, fisheries, wildlife, agriculture and First Nation’s abilities to exercise their treaty rights in British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.  The proposed dam would destroy third-generation family farms.  It would flood over 11,000 acres of agricultural land, including over 7,000 acres of exceptionally high quality agricultural Class 1 and Class 2 land, capable of a substantial contribution to future food sustainability.  It would also severely impact the narrowest point of the Yellowstone to Yukon wildlife conservation corridor and destroy unique ecosystems, species and microclimates of the Peace River Valley.

In addition to the known environmental impacts, there is considerable concern regarding the instability of the clay-lined banks that comprise the proposed dam site and reservoir area.  The proposed 83 km long reservoir has notoriously unstable banks, with four major landslides having occurred in the past century.  To date, BC Hydro’s engineering reports have not provided assurance that this critical issue can be managed effectively.  The slope instability could lead to a compromised reservoir and even dam failure, with catastrophic results; obliterating several downstream communities, bridges, gas and oil pipelines, and electrical transmission lines.

There are many viable alternatives that can provide the energy required to meet the needs of British Columbians that are both more cost effective and far less detrimental to our natural environment.  Options to be considered include:  wind;  geothermal;  upgrading of existing facilities close to the greatest sources of demand;  and, conservation.  A full panel federal EA is the process required to adequately consider not only the environmental impacts of this highly controversial project, but also the need for, and effective alternatives to, meeting the energy needs of British Columbia now and in the future.

It is my belief that it is your mandate to protect the environment from unreasonable human activity, and to protect humans from unacceptable environmental risk.  With that in mind, I am asking you to please ensure that BC Hydro’s Proposed Site C Dam project and transmission development is subjected to a full panel review under the CEAA.


Treaty 8 First Nations, Wilderness Committee and the Peace Valley Environment Association are embarking on a province-wide speaking tour to talk about the threats to the beautiful and ecologically important Peace River Valley.

Nestled in the Northeast corner of British Columbia, the Peace River Valley is home to Treaty 8 First Nations’ hunting, fishing, and trapping grounds, fertile agricultural lands and farms, old growth boreal forests, and one of the most important wildlife corridors in the Yellowstone to Yukon migration corridor chain. But the beautiful Peace River Valley is under threat.

Come learn about the consequences of the six billion dollar Site C Mega Dam project and hear first hand from people most directly impacted by the project.  If you care about climate change, food security, indigenous rights and wilderness areas, or are curious about energy demands in the province, this is a must attend event.

Please join us for the event in your community, and help us spread the word about this important issue.

Week 1

May 9th – 7p.m.    Kelowna

Okanagan College KLO Campus

Lecture Theatre =96 S building

1000 KLO Road,

May 10th – 7p.m.    Kamloops

Clocktower Theatre, Thompson Rivers University

May 11 – 7p.m.    Golden

Jita’s Cafe

1007 11th Ave S

May 12 – 7p.m.    Nelson

Nelson United Church

602 Silica St.

Week 2

May 30 7p.m.    Victoria

First Metropolitan United Church

Corner of Quadra and Balmoral

May 31 -7p.m.    Vancouver

Heritage Hall

3102 Main St.

June 1 – 7p.m.    Sunshine Coast

Roberts Creek Community Hall

1309 Roberts Ck Rd.

June 2 – 7p.m.    Whistler

Whistler Public Library

4329 Main St

If you are interested in hosting the tour in your community, please contact

PVEA is going to be at MATTA FEST at Dunvegan Historical Park today.  It’s just 20 kms north of Rycroft, AB.  MATTA FEST is a celebration of spring where attendees renew their commitment to work together for the benefit of all people and the earth.  There will be food, entertainment and information.  Come and see us and join the fun 11-4.

Saturday, April 16 · 1:00pm – whenever finished

Northern Lights College, FSJ Campus

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Join the Peace Valley Environment Association as we present Josh Howard, a lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law who is providing a presentation on how to do a better job of planning and using alternative energy. West Coast Env. Law is working on law reform proposals to ensure that the development of renewable energy in BC provides the best protection to the environment while helping to meet the province’s future need for greenhouse gas-free power. West Coast would like to discuss its ideas for reform with interested citizens in the Peace who are concerned about the impacts of Site C and renewable electricity development generally. They hope to benefit from our insights and to integrate our views into our proposals to the province.  The session is free, and if you’d like to join us for lunch at 12:00 p.m. before the discussion, please email me at so I know how many people to expect.  Additionally, it would be helpful if you emailed to let me know whether you plan to attend the session and not the lunch.
Saturday, April 16 · 9:30am – 12:00pm

Northern Lights College, FSJ

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Please join the PVEA as Tim Howard, a lawyer with Mandell Pinder Law Firm explains how the EA process is set up, how it works (or doesn’t), how to participate and how to get the most out of the process to ensure your view is submitted. Lunch will be provided – please email if you plan to attend and let me know whether or not you would like lunch. The session is free; however, the costs for Tim’s airfare and HST need to be covered – there will be a donation box at the door for contributions towards these expenses.