Latest Campaign Events and Opportunities for Action

Our friends at Poets for the Peace have developed a fantastic website that they are constantly updating with numerous events and actions happening around the province.  You’ll find a calendar of events to attend plus links to all kinds of actions you can take on-line.  Visit the site here:

Annual Paddle for the Peace

Each year, the PVEA in association with West Moberly First Nations, coordinates the Paddle for the Peace.  The event is held on the 2nd Saturday of July each year.  Details can be found at

Annual Rivers Day Wooden Boat Race

Each year, the PVEA coordinates a celebration of World and BC Rivers Day by hosting a wooden boat race at Bear Flat. The event is held on the last weekend of September and details are provided through a page on this blog, as well as to our Facebook site and our mailing list.

Other Events

Throughout the year, the PVEA is involved in coordinating various presentations, rallies and fundraisers.  Information on these events is widely advertised a page on this blog site our Facebook site and our mailing list.  Every attempt will also be made to advertise these events on this page in future as well – as time permits.